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The Best Text Marketing Practices

Text marketing is not about to go away. It is very personal and instant and helps customers and businesses develop highly beneficial relationships. People open their texts instantly. Therefore, and text message marketing is highly advisable for product launches, promotions.

Customers detest finding out about reasonable offers from you from secondary sources or even email.

Just like with email marketing, text message marketing requires opt-in and opt-out services. The former gives companies the green light to interact with clients, while the latter allows clients to exit the program.

The numbers don't lie. 89% of consumers would prefer to interact with businesses via Text Messaging rather than a phone call. Text marketing has higher numbers than email and social media combined.

Why Is Text Marketing So Effective?

Small businesses are reaping from text message marketing because they see things, and others don't. Here are the three most prevalent reasons;

1. More numbers than social media - 29% of the tweets are read. In the same breath, only 12% of Facebook's posts are read. The social numbers are enormous, and your customer will not like to go through the clutter to find your information.

2. Mobility - People move with their phones everywhere they go. They are more likely to see your text message than pick up a coupon.

How To Use Text Message Marketing

The success of any marketing strategy is to be constantly engaging customers with quality content and providing value at every step of the customer journey. Here's how companies can ably use text marketing to improve communication with the customers for the success of their marketing strategy.

1. Auto-responders:

You can program your software to have responses for your clients in whichever stage of their customer journey, such as when new customers opt-in to start receiving messages, when a customer participates in a survey, or when they use specific keywords in their text message.

2. Survey and polls

The business can only survive if their target audience is happy with what they are doing. So a company can use these surveys to find out what the audience thinks about their products and areas that may need to get better.

3. Coupons

Humans are the same. Everyone loves a good deal as much as the next person. So use text messaging to circulate the message of coupons. This method acts as a pulling factor for them to send on your products.

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