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The Best Sales Training Courses For You

Selling is fun. Before you know it all, you are already closing business deals and making heavy money transactions. That is what sales are all about.

Sales are not all rosy. There is a need for learning because the sales world is evolving. Therefore, sales training is a necessity. And after the sales training, practice makes perfect. There are sales training courses you can enroll in to better your journey as a salesperson.

Sales training refers to the journey of growing skills, knowledge, professionalism, and expertise to understand the art of selling and how to close more profitable sales deals.

The best sales training courses for you today

1. MonkeyPesa Sales Training

At MonkeyPesa, we acknowledge that the sales arm of a business is vital if that business is to stay in operation.

In the MonkeyPesa Sales Course, you will learn everything you will ever need to know about sales in a bite-sized manner that is easier to understand with live examples of what we mean. In addition, this will help you address some of the questions you might have had about sales as an entrepreneur or salesperson.

The Sales Course is one of the resources you can access from MonkeyPesa, accessible remotely. The MonkeyPesa Sales course awards you a certificate upon completion as a testament to your readiness to be the next sales extraordinaire.

The MonkeyPesa program has both a free and paid version. The free version simply includes videos available on the MonkeyPesa Website. The paid version includes one on one training sessions better optimized for mid-sized businesses looking to scale to the next level.

MonkeyPesa's free online Sales course teaches you how to attract customers and close sales. In addition, we have short certificate courses that will introduce you to different sales techniques, such as Interacting with Customers, understanding your sales process and matrix, prospecting and Using Competitive Sales Strategies. In a nutshell, we teach the principles, practices, and tools involved in all aspects of the selling process.

Key unique selling points include;
  • Knowing your customer’s needs

  • Shortening the sales cycle and closing bigger business deals

  • Attaining immense business value at a discount

  • Persuading and influencing customers

  • Handling objectives and controlling meetings

2. LinkedIn Sales Courses

Effective selling comes with experienced sales professionals. The training courses give you several frameworks, methodologies, presentation ideas and negotiation skills. Our Sales online training courses from LinkedIn Learning (formerly provide you with the skills you need, from the fundamentals to advanced tips. In addition, there are lessons to help you build a strong foundation for your start and take the first core steps. The topics to be covered include; pipeline management, crafting the pitch with competitive differentiation and forecasting.

Key Unique selling points for this include;
  • Videos that inform you about all aspects of selling, for example; growth opportunities, networks, field sales, and job prospects

  • There is a detailed explanation in regards to dealing with exercises and the training materials

  • You can practice your exercises online or download and practice offline

  • Classes are flexible, and they can be done when it’s convenient

  • There is a hand on practice to measure your understanding regarding covered topics

  • Topics are into sections, and each unit comes along with its quizzes to measure your knowledge.

  • Upon enrollment, there are free lessons and resources available

3. Action selling

With action selling, you discover more about the selling process. In addition, the course offers training to aid professionals in getting the best out of their sales culture, growing revenue, expanding margins, and being the most efficient and active sales agents.

Key unique selling points include;

  • Communication, uplifting expectations and improving behaviors among members of the sales team

  • Consistent selling through bettering the action selling system

  • Discover sales skills through the whole process

  • Building long-lasting business relationships

  • The duration of the study goes for two classroom days. However, online learning is self-paced.

4. Business development and B2B sales for startups-sales valley (Udemy)

Business relationships and sales generations are vital to keeping your small startup running. Whether you are an entrepreneur with already big ventures or just a tiny startup, you need knowledge on how to keep it flourishing. Enrolling in “Business development and B2B sales for startups-sales valley (Udemy) can help achieve that.

This course primarily targets small startups and small-scale businesses, covering efficiency maximization, finding potential clients, pitching ideas, closing deals and scaling the business.

Key unique selling points for this course include;
  • Expertise in drafting professional emails that help you earn responses

  • Attaining consistent leads monthly through several techniques taught

  • Finding potential customers for your products and services

  • There is access to study materials, references and suggestions as a top learning

  • Assessments and assignments are a must to measure your rate of understanding and knowledge

  • The lectures are not many, just 4, and you are done; there is an addition of downloadable resources and full lifetime access.

  • The duration of the study goes for a total of 6 hours per week.

5. Hubspot Sales Course

HubSpot offers comprehensive coverage of most business courses and helps your business put its best foot forward, which is vital for your business's growth. The study's coverage begins with foundational topics for mastering sales and executing an overall business strategy.

This training course will teach you how to use HubSpot CRM and the core features of Sales Hub to execute a high-performing inbound sales strategy like a pro.

Key Unique selling points for this course are;
  • Coverage of the theory and practical classes, as well as the implementation of executions

  • Experience with real-life situations and the cost of your business decisions

  • A feel of engaging lectures and so much more learning

  • The practice to make you perfect due to lots of assignments and assessments

  • Getting certified after passing examinations

  • Discovering more about sales team management and exploring business strategies

  • The study duration lasts eight weeks while doing 6 hours per week.

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