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The Best Sales And Marketing Software In Zambia

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Companies are highly on the lookout for the best software that will enable sales automation and marketing automation to reduce the redundancies of marketing and sales processes.

The adoption of sales and marketing software ensures that all data is in one place, helping the modern marketer save time and resources while at it.

The Best Sales And Marketing Software In Zambia

1. MonkeyPesa CRM

MonkeyPesa CRM is in the bracket of an all-in-one business automation tool. From sales marketing, automation or customer support. With the devotion to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for you. It is the best CRM in Zambia.

The CRM aids businesses to get prospects, insights, converts more leads to become customers and manages with customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

The services offered include; Sales pipeline management which helps companies to sell faster and get more prospects into the business. The invoicing and billing system allows track time, generating invoices, Pro-forma invoices, quotes, and getting much more money faster. And the real estate system helps real estate companies to acquire property, landlord management, tenant and the necessary automation.

MonkeyPesa CRM Features:

  • Team collaboration

  • Contact management

  • Pipeline management

  • Data security

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resource and payroll

  • Inventory and stores

  • Bulk SMS and emailing

Accessible Communication is a giant step into maintaining good relationships with clients. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and can even reduce business expenses.

A closed buyer is just as vital as a new lead. MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to create charges based on a prospect’s information, schedule calls for them at any point in time, take notes based on our interactions, and easily save and organize that data for future use. In a nutshell, you are moving a sales lead or prospect from one stage of your sales funnel to the next.

The MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to add contacts manually or via a file upload. Because the goal is to have streamlined communication in the sales process, you do not have to open another platform to make calls with your clients and prospects. The dashboard enables calls. In addition, all these interactions are captured in case you need to make clarifications and references.

Social Media is a very relevant tool of sales and marketing today. Every passing day, there is a new social media channel your clients and prospects sign up for. MonkeyPesa provides a centralized location for all your social media interactions — tweets, posts, reels, videos, comments, replies, Direct Messages.

2. Constant Contact

This is a very user-friendly alternative with incredible eCommerce features. In addition, constant Contact has outstanding email deliverability.

Constant Contact is a full-featured email marketing solution with capabilities such as social media integration, drag-and-drop editing, and real-time reporting. It is a bulk email tool designed for SMB customers. While it is most widely known for its email marketing capabilities, it also provides services about website management, such as a website builder, ecommerce tools, and logo design assistance.

Key Email Marketing Features

  • Email templates

  • Marketing Automation

  • Facebook & Instagram ads

  • Google ads

  • Ecommerce integrations

  • Email campaign ideas


  • Great feature set for event-based email marketing

  • Easy to use drag and drop email builder

  • Extensive template library with premade email forms and designs

  • Consistently among the highest email deliverability rates that we’ve tested

Constant Contact Prices: Constant Contact offers an essential service starting at 20/month for up to 500 contacts (and then scaling up) OR their new Email Plus option, which starts at $45/month for up to 5oo contacts (then scaling up).

3. Oneoffice Zambia

Oneoffice is Zambia's leading cloud software CRM service provider. Oneoffice helps merge company data under a single central system that aids companies to run core business processes fully integrated while including all the necessary data.

Oneoffice is a single central system that helps you to run your business efficiently and make better-informed decisions. Being a cloud-based software, oneoffice CRM doesn't require maintenance. In addition, Oneoffice provides Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management services.

Numerous industries are served under Oneoffice, mainly those that utilize ERP and CRM services. In addition, Oneoffice CRM also provides payrolls, order management, quotes, project management, commissions, file sharing, integrated ecommerce capabilities and sales forecasting.

Oneoffice CRM improves employee productivity and performance and also promotes a good customer experience. Oneoffice CRM, like MonkeyPesa CRM, manages all client conversations and interactions for all SMEs.

Oneoffice CRM data is accessible everywhere and all the time, which makes monitoring more flexible. Oneoffice allows its users to do business from everywhere, which boosts revenue, accountability, and success. Oneoffice favours the growth of small and medium enterprises since it's easy for them to adopt and start using Oneoffice without stretching their budget. This makes small businesses and startups more productive at a low cost.

Good CRM software keeps your data organized, making it easy and more practical to retrieve all your customer interactions. Further engagement with customers increases the sales cycle, which is precious for the survival of the business.

A basic plan for $4.99 per month, while professional membership goes for $24.99 per month.


PHP CRM is a software commonly used by Zambian growing SME companies. The software uses CRM technology to boost performance, productivity, profitability and revenues for the company. To add more, the software engages customers constantly, which promotes customer satisfaction and develops customer retention over time.

PHP CRM identifies customers virtually and engages them on an individual basis virtually. This means that customers are attended to and find responses to their queries in time which promotes satisfaction and retention in the long run.

Features of PHP CRM

  • Accounting CRM system for your business

  • Invoice billing management system

  • Expense management system

  • GST tax management system

  • Inventory management system

  • Reports management system

5. Salesforce

Salesforce is a software used to track and monitor customer service, commerce, service, IT, sales and marketing activities in a business or company alongside helping teams work from anywhere and keep in touch with customers.

Salesforce helps to engage with customers anywhere, sell smarter, offer good customer service, and allow teams to work from anywhere. Salesforce believes that in bringing people together, there is power, and so they help build bridges between companies and customers. Salesforce values trust, innovation, and equality.

Salesforce CRM has a range of products and solutions for different industries, and it covers almost all industries, for example, manufacturing, engineering, health care, education, construction and many others.

Salesforce Pricing

  • There is a free trial version for 30 days with a few features

  • Small businesses CRM of about 10 users are charged $25 each user per month

  • Complete CRM for any team size goes for $75 for each user per month

  • A profoundly customizable sales CRM goes for $150 for each user per month

  • Unlimited CRM power and support package goes for $300 per user per month

Salesforce features:

  • Mobile friendly

  • Process automation

  • Account and contact management

  • Opportunity management

  • Lead management

  • Reports and dashboards

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