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The Best Marketing Automation Tools To Use

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

There are marketing automation tools in the modern marketing world with an army of services from email management to analytics, SMS marketing, and joint inbox. However, many businesses still struggle to understand what tools they need to use and how to use them to their advantage fully. One thing is for sure; businesses are embracing automation.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation uses software to automate monotonous marketing work. Tasks like SMS marketing, email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns are automated by marketers to improve efficiency.

With marketing automation, everything is done by software or a set of tools. This goes in tandem with quick replies, quick actions, quick responses to customers’ queries, quick updates to customers in case of any changes in the services or products offered, and any other essential communication regarding the company itself.

Marketing automation simplifies and shortens the marketing process seamlessly. As a result, communication and conversions happen a lot quicker.

Marketing automation helps simplify and makes your work easier, reduces wastage of time, and delivers in time. Marketing automation is a set of tools to bring marketing activities down to their most accessible simplicity. Marketing automation makes work easy because messages, ad campaigns, emails, and posts are sent automatically without independently sending each item.

The Best Marketing Automation Tools To Use

1. MonkeyPesa CRM

MonkeyPesa CRM is an all-in-one business automation tool. From sales marketing, automation or customer support. With the devotion to helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics and easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for you.

The CRM aids businesses to get prospects, insights, converts more leads to become customers and manages customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

The services offered include; Sales pipeline management which helps companies to sell faster and get more prospects into the business. The invoicing and billing system allows track time, generating invoices, Pro-forma invoices, quotes, and getting much more money faster.

MonkeyPesa CRM Features:

  • Team collaboration

  • Contact management

  • Pipeline management

  • Data security

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resource and payroll

  • Inventory and stores

  • Bulk SMS and emailing

Accessible Communication is a giant step toward maintaining good relationships with clients. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and can even reduce business expenses.

A closed buyer is just as vital as a new lead. MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to create charges based on a prospect’s information, schedule calls for them at any point in time, take notes based on our interactions, and easily save and organize that data for future use. In a nutshell, you are moving a sales lead, or prospect from one stage of your sales funnel to the next.

The MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to add contacts manually or via a file upload. Because the goal is to have streamlined communication in the sales process, you do not have to open another platform to make calls with your clients and prospects. The dashboard enables calls. In addition, all these interactions are captured in case you need to make clarifications and references.

Social Media is a very relevant tool for sales and marketing today. Every passing day, there is a new social media channel your clients and prospects sign up for. MonkeyPesa provides a centralized location for all your social media interactions — tweets, posts, reels, videos, comments, replies, and Direct Messages.

2. OneBill

Best designed to suit companies of all sizes. OneBill is end-to-end subscription management, billing and revenue management platform that enhances customer lead to revenue generation experience.

OneBill does most of the billing models, for example, usage-based billing, time billing, recurring billing, and subscription billing. Moreover, OneBill combines easily with other systems like; CRM and ERP, Accounting and administration, Payment gateways, Taxation, Carriers and Service providers.

OneBill covers businesses of all sizes ranging from small to medium-sized and large business enterprises but majorly covering businesses under CPQ, Channel partner commission management, Invoicing and billing, Revenue reporting, Customer subscription management, Automated order provision and activation. OneBill’s starting price is $299 per month.

3. Lead411

This is a sales company based in the United States and was founded in 2001. It offers optimum intelligence, right data and can also automate emails through sales cadence. Lead411 supports and extends its services to companies and businesses that are into sales, marketing, recruiting, research and business development, and more; there is no limit to whichever company would like to access their services.

Lead411 offers training and delivers its services through; documentation, live online and webinars. In addition, lead411 has several features categorized under; lead generation, sales acceleration, sales engagement, sales enablement and sales intelligence.

Lead411 integrates with many other cloud-based software systems, such as Mailchimp, Sales Robots, Constant Contact, GoCardless, PayPal, Zapier, Aweber communications, Stripe, Autopilot, Braintree, PaySimple and many others. Additionally, lead411 offers a free trial version through the rest of their pricing packages, starting from $37.5 per month.

4. Freshsales

This software is run by Freshworks and is best meant for small, medium and large enterprise businesses. Freshsales has inbuilt tools you need to manage your business, for instance, in-built phone and email, dashboards, customizable visual reports, visual deal pipelines, intelligent workflow automation, and artificial intelligence based on lead scoring. Some of the features of Freshsales include; sales sequences, integrations, territory management, deal management and many others.

Freshsales puts all your prospects/leads’ information in one central place to accelerate performance and the sales process by following up on conversations, demographic information attachments, tasks and appointments. In addition, Freshworks employs AI automation to boost teamwork, enable communication, chat with leads, know your customers’ behavior and close deals.

Freshsales integrates with; Pure360, LeadsBridge, MSB, Docs, 3CX, Microsoft dynamics 365, Hubspot CRM, Mailchimp, Freshdesk and many more.

Their billing rates are; growth is for $15 per user per month, pro goes for $39 for each user per month, while enterprise goes for $69 for each user per month, but there is also a free version for trial.

To improve your revenue through marketing and sales, you need to boost your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing promotes customer service which improves retention. This comes along with continuous support.

Fresh sales email marketing software improves a company's revenue through context-driven sales. The email marketing software has inbuilt tools for instance; phone and email, dashboards, customizable visual reports, visual deal pipelines, intelligent workflow automation, and artificial intelligence based on lead scoring. The tools help you manage customer relationships better. The email marketing software allows customization of client engagements which eases the sales cycle and promotes the growth of the business.

Features of Freshsales include; sales sequences, integrations, territory management, deal management, bulk emails, formula fields, mobile app, email integration, sales analytics, sales sequences, workflow automation, sales activity management multiple sales pipeline, web forms and more.

The software gives you a complete view of customers' interactions to deliver a personalized experience. This allows you to close deals faster with a 360-degree view of your customers. The software promotes efficiency by aligning the sales process since most time-consuming activities are automated and more time is spent on selling.

Freshsales email marketing software reduces business costs as a result of automation, boosts adoption, is simpler to use, is easy to implement and that boosts employee morale to deliver.

Freshsales gathers all the important customer information and details under a single depository in order to make it accessible for the users. Freshsales email marketing software uses AI automation to boost teamwork, enable communication, chat with leads, understand customers’ behavior and close deals.

5. Zigaflow

If you want to get more business deals and win more sales, you need to give Zigaflow a try. It is one of the best quotation software systems good at creating, sending and tracking sales. In addition, this software helps you save time since it does sales automation, service automation and business automation.

There are several benefits to using Zigaflow as a quotation software, like their flexible templates, automated follow-ups, card payments and custom fields. In addition, Zigaflow integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, Stripe, Gmail, Outlook and Mailchimp.

With Zigaflow, many industries are served; audiovisual, engineering and manufacturing, construction, fire and safety, wholesale, software, security installation and maintenance, prints and graphics, property maintenance, office furniture, and information technology services other industries. Prices range from 39 to 79 and 119 Euros.

6. Claritysoft

Claritysoft is a web-based CRM that offers solutions to medium and large companies. The software does sales automation, marketing automation and customer service support.

ClaritySoft does sales automation, marketing automation, customer service tools and a lot more.

Product features are categorized differently, for example, CRM, lead management, marketing automation and sales automation.

Claritysoft easily integrates with Kuebix TMS, Microsoft dynamics 365, QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar and Gmail. Some of the comparable alternatives to this software include; SalesNow, Onpipeline, Pipeliner, CentraHub CRM and many others.

Claritysoft service software has a contact management feature that allows users to import and combine contact lists from different sources. Most likely the sources could be spreadsheets, outlook and QuickBooks. Additionally, the software aids users to plan their journeys since the location can easily be seen through Google maps.

Claritysoft service software has an email marketing feature that provides users with free email template designs. Furthermore, the software sorts contacts from contact lists based on filters and preferences.

Claritysoft pricing starts at $39 per user per month. This is billed annually and there is no free trial version.

Claritysoft features include;

  • account management

  • activity management

  • calendar management

  • pipeline management and more.

7. Unbounce

This is a marketer's favorite. Unbounce turns visitors into customers just after a pretty while. Most marketers use Unbounce due to some of its features that help marketers reach their goals so fast, for example, the drag and drop builder, which saves part of your time, easily combines with other tools, uses templates for landing pages has got connections.

Unbounce email marketing software helps you to build, launch and optimize custom landing pages for campaigns. Unbounce email marketing software targets popups and sticky bars to the real users or consumers. This helps to bring more revenue and more leads from those web pages. Unbounce has a drag and drop builder which helps to accelerate the landing page production process and build high converting pop-ups and sticky bars.

Unbounce pricing plan; the starting price is $72 per month however there is a free trial available for use.

Unbounce email marketing software integrates with over 173 tools and applications. These include; smart look, Wrike, LeadsBridge, Capsule, BigMarker, EmailOctopus, OptiMonk,, LiveCall, Colligo WalletIn, WordPress, Mailchimp and more.

Unbounce features include;

  • API, customizable branding

  • customizable templates

  • drag and drop

  • reporting and statistics

  • reporting and analytics

  • AB testing

  • CRM

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • form builder and more.

8. Engagebay

EngageBay CRM, at a glance, is a rich software that can combine a sophisticated CRM/contact management system alongside email and newsletters. As a result, it enables you to manage your customer relationships better.

It is equipped with Marketing, Sales, and Service automation features to scale your business. The exhaustive list of features allows you to capture leads, nurture and engage with them, convert them to happy customers and provide a superior customer experience using the unified platform.

One of the most cost-effective and easy to use sales and email marketing automation

Software is EngageBay. Engagebay sales and email marketing software is an integrated sales, marketing and customer service software that provides solutions for small and medium businesses.

Engagebay sales and email marketing software easily integrates with other tools and applications such as; office 365, WordPress, Google calendars and contacts and many others. In addition, Engagebay has exclusive features: landing pages, marketing automation, contact management software, sales CRM, and email marketing.

Engagebay sales and email marketing software mainly has three stacks that can support your business to grow: marketing, sales, and service. In addition, Engagebay marketing software has features like; form builders, automation, scheduling and landing pages, all of which support the growth of your business.

Engagebay email marketing software's outstanding features include; canned responses, support groups and auto-responders. These help to solve ticket issues in a friendly way that comforts a customer. The service bay has a live chat feature that allows business managers or sales reps to communicate to customers in real-time.

The sales email marketing software has features and tools that allow third-party integration to make up appointments with clients, which gives you a holistic view of sales progress through visual charts and metrics from Engagebay’s dashboard. In addition, Engagebay's email marketing software is fit for small businesses since it has a free trial. The free trial version has features that help build landing pages, and also it makes it easy to track and analyze results.

Engagebay sales and email marketing software has a free trial version; however, other pricing packages range from$8.99 per month. Engagebay is recommended for small businesses and startups wanting a lasting solution to address marketing, sales and customer service support.

9. Pipedrive

The most friendly and easy-to-use sales software planned to go well with small and medium businesses. It is designed with the most trusted features to aid you in administering your business and envisage the sales pipeline and the sales activities to prioritize. Chatbots and webforms are some of the features of Pipedrive to help you monitor and manage leads. Considering the features of Pipedrive, here are some of them;

  • Monitoring communication through calls and emails

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Saving time

  • Activity reminders like open API and webhooks

  • Security reports and insights.

  • Pipedrive easily integrates with other tools, for example; salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

Additionally, Pipedrive tracks and organizes sales activities hence efficiency and effectiveness.

Pipedrive offers a free trial. An essential package goes for $15 per month; an advanced package is for $29 monthly; a professional package goes for $59 monthly, while an enterprise package goes for $99 per month.

Why should you use Pipedrive?

  • It puts all your contacts, emails, calls, deals in a central place, making it easy to access

  • It helps teams work efficiently since it speaks to business needs

  • Gives access to customer reporting tools. There are more advantages of using Pipedrive sales software; you need to give it a try.

  • Promotes efficiency via the visual representation of the entire deal process.

10. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign caters to all business sizes with mega automation that integrates email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and machine learning for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text. Over 70% of ActiveCampaign's customers use its 300+ integrations, including Shopify, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce. Pricing starts at $9 a month.

Why should you use ActiveCampaign?

  • Customizes sends based on parameters

  • Automates individualized experiences across all your customer touchpoints

  • Uses customer lifecycle to choose content, send time and delivery channel for each customer.

  • Keeps track of client's interests and behavior

  • Creates customized campaigns with minimal effort

ActiveCampaign Prices: Get’s started at just $9 per month for the basic plan, $49 per month for the Plus plan (unlocks CRM features, advanced integrations), $129 per month for Pro, $229 per month for Enterprise Plan.

ActiveCampaign easily combines and integrates with other software, applications and tools. These include; Microsoft, Shopify, Facebook, Salesforce and more. ActiveCampaign provides a perfect customer service experience that surpasses the traditional touchpoints for instance emails. The service software offers a personalized, high-touch experience for businesses however channels, additional teams, locations and customer segments.

ActiveCampaign eliminates silos between data sources, communication channels and teams. This aids businesses to scale their personal customer relationships via connected experiences that span the customer lifecycle. ActiveCampaigns’ customized experience helps businesses to computerize a truly personalized experience that is real so that clients can widen their relationships.

ActiveCampaign features include;

  • unlimited sending

  • sending newsletters

  • subscription forms

  • marketing automation

  • landing pages

  • Facebook custom audiences

  • lead and contact scoring

  • conversation

  • attribution reporting

  • predictive content with machine learning

  • custom domain

  • dedicated account rep and more.

11. Hubspot

This is one of the best CRM software tools that serve all businesses ranging from startups to large business ventures. In addition, Hubspot offers free tools for teams and best manages customers’ contacts well.

Hubspot CRM enables you to do many valuable things with your contact base, such as keeping all contact information (including internal notes) in a centralized place and automating different reminders.

Hubspot CRM is software built for marketing and sales companies that want to use proven techniques for ushering in new clients and customers, especially businesses that generate customers via online marketing and sales.

In your quest to identify a CRM perfect for your business, chances are high you have come across HubSpot free CRM. You can store up to a million contacts in your HubSpot database with the free CRM. Furthermore, an unlimited number of your team can access your database, Integration with Gmail and Outlook, Email and Meeting Scheduling, Capture, Store, and track sales leads.

Hubspot’s CRM is a tool that teams find friendly to use, and more so, it automates tasks the number of administrative tasks to concentrate on.

Hubspot CRM allows you to have access to sales performance reports and individual performance in real-time. This allows business managers to review and identify where there are potholes so that teams can lay strategies for achieving success where it has failed.

Hubspot has solutions for small, medium and big businesses. However, Hubspot works better for everyday business transactions since it is easy to use, captures customers, manages data, records calls and meetings, manages sales pipelines and also aids sales reps to monitor contacts with customers and deals. In addition, Hubspot aids managers to get an insight into the sales activities, marketing tools and activities.

Small businesses and startups commonly use Hubspot and medium companies but also serve large enterprises. Hubspot provides a free trial version that supports small businesses and startups through their growth stages. Packages that can be accessed at a cost include; a starter package for $45 a month, a professional package for $450 a month, and a package for big enterprises goes for $1200 per month.

Hubspot is one of the CRM software commonly used by businesses in Rwanda. It has unique benefits it delivers to its users, such as; being easy to use, a free forever trial version, and cheap packages.

Hubspot features include;

  • Free CRM software

  • Free versions of sales Hub

  • Combination of Gmail

  • Outlook calendars, and Email

  • Deal stages

  • Pipeline and opportunity tracking

  • Website chats and bots

  • Email tracking

  • Reporting and tracking meetings

12. Nutshell

Nutshell is built to bring in leads and accumulate more sales. The software is open to use by both small and medium companies. In addition, the software has a flexible usability experience, making it easy for sales representatives and marketers to work anywhere.

Nutshell has an email marketing automation suite that authorizes marketing and sales functions to design good marketing emails which trigger actions based on subscribers’ actions. Nutshell permits teams to know who is engaging with the messages and also allows them to nurture prospects and customers.

Nutshell features include;

  • sales automation

  • pipeline

  • reporting

  • contact management

  • emails

  • team collaboration

  • marketing and more.

Nutshell pricing details; nutshell starter costs $20 per user per month. Nutshell Pro costs $42 per user per month.

13. Constant Contact

This is user-friendly software with incredible eCommerce features. In addition, constant Contact has outstanding email deliverability.

Constant Contact is a full-featured email marketing solution with capabilities such as social media integration, drag-and-drop editing, and real-time reporting. It is a bulk email tool designed for SMB customers. While it is most widely known for its email marketing capabilities, it also provides services about website management, such as a website builder, ecommerce tools, and logo design assistance.

Key Email Marketing Features

  • Email templates

  • Marketing Automation

  • Facebook & Instagram ads

  • Google ads

  • Ecommerce integrations

  • Email campaign ideas


  • Great feature set for event-based email marketing

  • Easy to use drag and drop email builder

  • Extensive template library with premade email forms and designs

  • Consistently among the highest email deliverability rates that we’ve tested

Constant Contact Prices: Constant contact offers an essential service starting at 20/month for up to 500 contacts (and then scaling up) OR their new Email Plus option, which starts at $45/month for up to 5oo contacts (then scaling up).

Constant contact features include;

  • marketing automation

  • contact management

  • statistical reporting

  • event marketing tools

  • e-commerce integrations and more.

14. SEMrush

SEMrush is a content marketing software that builds engaging content and data-driven marketing strategies. The software has features for each stage in the workflow. In addition, SEMrush provides market insights that help you analyze and sort content assets to identify what works well and what requires enhancement.

The software has a powerful brand monitoring feature that accepts reviews of brand reputation. Additionally, the software tracks your business's online mentions and customer reviews and refines your results for a more detailed and in-depth analysis.

SEMrush is a marketing toolkit for Search Engine Optimization professionals and does online visibility management software as a service (SaaS). SEMrush gives powerful SEO features for marketing professionals with a simple-to-use interface. The software has a high visual interface, and the graphs are automatically generated. More so, you can freely compare domains and conduct a competitive analysis with a few clicks.

The software has an SEO writing assistant feature that optimizes content depending on Google's top rivals, giving you heads-up to fine-tune your content, readability to keep your brand's voice and check content for originality. This helps you to keep on top of your competition.

The software has many products and tools plus adds-on for online visibility management. The software has tools for search, content, social media, market research, and data for several countries.

SEMrush easily integrates with Google, task management platforms, WordPress, Trello, Majestic, Zapier,, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google ads, Google business, etc.

SEMrush vital features include;

  • advertising research

  • keyword research

  • modules for analytics reports

  • backlinks research

  • traffic analytics

  • market explorer

  • organic search

  • audience insights

  • KW research

  • traffic analysis

  • KW difficulty

  • display advertising tool

  • audience insights

  • social media poster

  • social media tracker

  • site audit

  • position tracking

  • SEO writing assistant

  • charts and more.

SEMrush pricing details; pro costs $119.95, Guru costs $229.95, Business costs $449.95, while enterprise is provided upon request from the vendor. The packages are charged monthly; however, there is a free trial.

15. Maropost marketing cloud

Maropost is a web-based marketing software that provides a unified hub for web, mobile, email and social marketing. Industries commonly use Maropost in ecommerce, entertainment, media, travel and tourism.

Maropost is ideal for brands looking to craft and maintain brand loyalty since it allows users to connect to customers using various channels to build content. The software provides email marketing automation tools that help you develop and deliver customized messages for unique email campaigns. This allows your brand to gather several segments of target customers to send emails and promotional messages depending on the clients’ interests and buying behavior. In addition, the software suggests the appropriate sending time to have successful email batches in your campaigns.

Maropost has tools for boosting email deliverability rate, for instance, spam checker and deliverability score. The software compliments email marketing functionality with mobile marketing solutions, which helps to enhance productivity. It also helps identify and segment your market before sending scheduled messages in your SMS campaigns. In addition, the software allows setting up in-app messages that deliver personalized deals and discounts and push notifications triggered by in-app events.

Maropost has an integrated journey builder that can help you leverage divisions and individuals on the contact list; this helps to align the digital marketing process. Furthermore, the software builds custom workflows that account for email and mobile marketing, and a host of triggers such as; clicked links, subscription details, total revenue and many others.

Given customization, you can map out a customer’s journey using the software’s drag and drop interface and the automation features. In addition, customization and automation reduce manual work, which helps to improve productivity.

The software has an acquisition builder which can draw the customer journey and convert website visitors into potential buyers and subscribers. Using drag and drop customizable lightboxes, you can organize your workflow by building your subscription templates for customers to feed in their email addresses and any other contact information.

Maropost can craft dynamic and customized landing pages to build pages with features such as; web forms and surveys. More so, the software allows you to get leads and gather their information from Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the software allows to divide audience from the different social channels depending on how they came through and from which channels, either from organic marketing content or paid ads. This helps you know where your biggest supporter comes from to focus more energy there.

The ecommerce module controls features such as conversation time optimization and real-time analytics in building effective campaigns. Travel accounts for various locations around the globe and clients’ check-in experience while the media module aids to convert readers into subscribers and manages the re-engagement of previous readers via acquisition builder.

Maropost software provides multichannel support and integrates many third-party applications like Salesforce, Shopify, Zapier, Netsuite, etc. The software also has email marketing, mobile marketing, audience management, and customer journey automation modules.

Maropost features include;

  • AB testing

  • SMS campaigns

  • advanced reporting and analytics, and more.

The software also has marketing intelligence tools for monitoring products, revenue and customer behavior.

Maropost pricing details; essential costs $1.25, professional costs $1, while enterprise costs $0.80.

16. Move CRM

MoveCRM is currently one of the most commonly used sales and marketing software. Aside from delivering on functionality, MoveCRM is free and open, making access by multi-national corporations, NGOs, and small enterprises easy.

MoveCRM focuses on client management, sales and communication. Additionally, MoveCRM supports marketing and sales through customizations, third-party integrations and packages, which result in sales, conversions, sales forecasts, successful marketing campaigns, making informed decisions, consistent communication and better client management.

Services offered by MoveCRM include; customization, training, integrations, migration, and assurance.

These features support services provided by MoveCRM;

  • Contact management

  • Advanced reporting

  • Mass email campaigns

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Leads and opportunities

  • Document management

  • Workflow automation

  • Quote builder

  • Sales forecasting

  • Twitter integration

  • Payment processing, project management and inventory management.

17. Agile CRM

AgileCRM is a finder's joy. Small and medium businesses marvel at what Agile CRM can do for them. It provides an opportunity to store about 10,000 companies' contact details and track e-mails, lead scoring, and custom deal milestones.

In addition, agile CRM offers builder tools for multiple services like forms, e-mail templates, and website landing pages, automates marketing tasks and monitors social media that supports marketing teams. It comprises marketing automation, a fully finished social suite, and web analytics.

Additionally, Agile offers canned responses to reports, and goodies to both sales and marketing teams. Each user is priced at $8.99 per month. Agile has a free offer for ten users. Agile CRM prices are quite friendly. There is a free offer for the first 10 (Ten) users, while a starter plan goes for $8.99. A regular plan is at $29.99, while an enterprise package goes for $47.99 for all these packages are for a monthly subscription.

18. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 manages its timeline and pipeline activities in kanban view, perfect for small, medium, and large businesses. Bitrix24 is a cloud-based sales management software tool that offers complimentary sales, promotion, and customer management from the time of being a lead to closing a deal.

Its best productivity is buried in lead management, sales performance and tracking, and pipeline management. These include invoices, telemarketing, sales automation, free documentary management, inbound and outbound calls, automating email marketing, and reservation of communication history. This software has an aversion to Android devices, and therefore you can have it on your phone.

For the first 12 users, Bitrix24 is free of charge; however, it also has payable packages for example; starting + is for $19 a month, CRM+ is for $55 a month, project +is for $55 a month as well while the business plan has two special packages; standard goes for $79 a month, and professional goes for $159 a month.

19. Dynamics 365

Suitable for business intelligence, Microsoft dynamics offers software as a service (SaaS) for sales, marketing, and service functionality. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you win more deals by building strong relationships between you and your customers.

This can increase productivity due to increased customer support, thus more revenue coming in. Microsoft has worked for several companies in a good number of enterprises, for example; those in the manufacturing industry, those in the financial industry, retail businesses, those in health care, automotive, government entities and many more. Dynamics 365 include; a customer data platform, sales, service, marketing, commerce, supply chain, human resource services, finance, project management, and many more.

It gives a free trial lasting for 30 days, and thereafter, you have to start paying for their monthly or yearly packages. Microsoft offers many features, and the only limitation could be money; the free trial has a few features, but paid versions have many features; some of its features include; customer insights, web API enhancements, activity sorting control, editable grids, and editable grids and so many other features.

To take a deeper look at their pricing, customer insights range from $1,000 to 1,500 per month. Customer's voice goes for $200 monthly; sales professionals range from $20 to $65; sales enterprises plan ranges from $20 to $95 per month, sales premium goes for $135, while Microsoft relationship sales plan goes for $162.

20. SharpSpring

This is the best marketing automation software good for lead nurturing, generation, contact and sales organization, and analytics. In addition, SharpSpring gives shopping cart combinations for ecommerce companies like Shopify or Magento, thus a chance to tailor content based on the particular interests of a buyer. Of course, this takes place with the help of dynamic emails and landing pages.

SharpSpring allows integration with Google Adwords and salesforce while API and Zapier combination supports clients in connecting with other available solutions. Their prices range from $400 to $800 monthly with a package that starts at $550 monthly, and you expect unlimited support, unlimited users, and many other features. A package of $850,000 monthly serves 10,000 contacts while $1,250 monthly goes for 20,000 contacts. SharpSpring uniquely offers packages for Enterprise companies and marketing agencies.

In addition, they offer a month-to-month contract, which gives more elasticity, has packages for both enterprises and marketing agencies, is easy to use, and has good CRM functionality.

21. Freshworks CRM

For the best features and top functionalities like lead monitoring, contact management, deal supervision, closing, and email administration. Freshworks is one of the best CRM to use. Its event tracking features include; lead scoring and email monitoring, deploys sales territory management, super workflow automation, and supports web forms like blog subscription forms.

Freshworks is good for all kinds of firms that are small, large, and medium; in regards to prices, there is a free trial that lasts for 21 days while other packages include; Blossom for $12 a month, garden for $25 a month, estate for $49 a month and forest for $79 a month.

22. Getresponse

This has a good number of years in serving businesses, and, interestingly, most of them have been able to flourish, and that is what Getresponse does for your business. It aids you in getting started with email automation and offers tons of templates. In addition, it has landing pages to help get in touch with customers as well as funnels to do the nurturing and marketing. Getresponse can combine with the already used online tools like WordPress, PayPal, and WooCommerce and has a wide variety of marketing analytics and reporting features.

Why would we recommend Getresponse?

· Wide range of marketing and automation tools

· Good lead nurturing

· Eye-catching landing pages

· Combining with the leading apps

· Good and favorable for all kinds of companies

Getresponse prices are affordable, starting from $15 monthly, depending on your business needs. If your business needs are many, for example, wanting to reach out to 3000 customers, you will be required to have around $45 monthly; essential needs go for $69 monthly. Professional goes for $139 monthly, while advanced needs, inclusive of enterprise campaigns, go for $1199 monthly. Thus, Getresponse is price/pocket friendly and favors those with a small pocket but with several customers' needs and can help you find many more email marketing solutions, automation options, sales funnel, and landing pages.

23. Pipedrive

Designed to suit small and medium businesses, it provides many features to help you manage your business, for example, those in line with sales pipelines, chatbots, and web forms to help you monitor and manage leads. Looking at the general features provided by Pipedrive include; monitoring communication through calls and emails, scheduling meetings, saving time, activity reminders like open API and webhooks, and features offering security reports and insights. In addition, Pipedrive easily integrates with other tools, for example, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

Prices for Pipedrive are normal; you can choose to do a monthly or yearly subscription depending on what you can afford or what your business marketing and sales goals are; an essential package goes for $12.50, an advanced package goes for $24.90 monthly, a professional package goes for $49.90 monthly while an enterprise package goes for $99 per month; however, there is a free version for trial as well.


This works for all business types and handles all work concepts, including; marketing campaigns, CRMs, sales pipelines, and project tracking. This handles all its information in a single central platform, and this is what highly effective teams use to get their work onboard; so far, over 100,000 teams accomplish their work with because it makes it easy to plan, track and deliver work in time and on the spot and this is what makes unique from the rest of CRM software. Setting it up takes place so fast and can easily integrate with other tools, and they offer full-time customer support. offers a free trial for starters with unlimited boards and workflows; however, they have packages to pay for example; basic goes for $8 per seat, the standard goes for $10 per seat, pro goes for 416 per seat, and there is also an enterprise package that is billed yearly.

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