• Ssemujju Lewis E

The Best Marketing Automation Examples To Use

Marketing automation simplifies and shortens the marketing process seamlessly. As a result, communication and conversions happen a lot quicker. The modern norm is to use and process data to have an apt marketing automation strategy for your business.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation uses software to automate monotonous marketing work. Tasks like SMS marketing, email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns are automated by marketers to improve efficiency.

With marketing automation, everything is done by software or a set of tools. This goes in tandem with quick replies, quick actions, quick responses to customers’ queries, quick updates to customers in case of any changes in the services or products offered, and any other essential communication regarding the company itself.

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Where marketing automation helps:

  • Lead nurturing and lead scoring, analyzing leads and determining the best strategies to categorize and nurture them. Marketing teams nurture leads and hand them over to the sales teams. A high conversion rate is an indicator that the nurturing process is working.

  • Social media marketing. You can automate tasks such as posting to multiple sites on a schedule. Social media marketing involves posting relevant content like live videos, texts, prerecorded videos, images, GIFs, and animations on all your social media engagement platforms, talking to your audience, giving an ear to their complaints, and addressing their concerns.

  • Tracking and analytics for website visitors, email campaigns and online promotions.

  • Email automation. This often overlaps with lead nurturing. Email automation is a process where you send targeted email campaigns to your customers through a pre-built and self-operating system. First, it saves time as it allows you to schedule campaigns when you intend them to go out. It also helps with prospecting.

The best examples of marketing automation

1. Welcome Emails

Everyone loves a good welcome message. Customers want to feel valued when they come into contact with your business. According to the campaign monitor, Open rates for welcome emails are, on average, 50%. This means that, compared to standard newsletters, they are 86% more effective. That's a good number.

2. Thank You Emails