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The Best CRM In South Africa

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

CRM gives you a chance to convey a unique experience, manages and boosts communication with your clients at each touchpoint. However, making the best CRM choice for your business requires having an informed mind. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs get it wrong; Monkeypesa is here to help you identify the best CRM for your business in South Africa.

CRM is software companies employ to manage and control customer interactions with prospects, existing and potential customers. CRM keeps and maintains customers’ relationships with the business, which increases revenue, resulting in increased profits coming in from repeat purchases and more referrals from satisfied customers. CRM keeps and records details of all customer interactions in every step of the sales process and manages ecommerce websites.

There are so many client management software tools in the South African market; this, therefore, requires you to be keen when choosing the right software; otherwise, you might be convinced to select luxurious CRM software systems which don’t align with your business goals. Therefore, before selecting the final CRM software, ask yourself these questions.

  • Does the system align with my business goals?

  • Does the system have features that align with the business needs?

  • Will the system improve the relationship with my clients?

  • Will I manage the price?

  • Will the system help me increase profitability and revenue for my company?

Once the system answers all those questions, you can take it on as your best choice.

Functions that commonly employ CRM include; sales, marketing and customer service. Using CRM to manage your business promotes work efficiency and effectiveness in the company. Additionally, CRM helps to track the performance of sales and marketing functions.

While choosing the best CRM for their businesses and companies, most entrepreneurs in South Africa consider the following factors;

  • Popularity in South Africa

  • Price and affordability

  • International use and support

  • Local support

  • Good user experience

  • Relevancy to business goals

  • Business headcount

Choosing the best CRM system for your business is a bit tricky, but we have got for you a list of features you need to put into consideration first;

  • Integrations, especially with emails

  • Task management

  • Integrations with calendars

  • Reporting and dashboards

  • Communication features

  • Opportunity and pipeline management

  • Contact property customization

  • Setup and maintenance

  • Sales process customization

  • Marketing integration

  • Value for money

  • Ease of use mobile capabilities

  • Sales automation, Configure, price and quote

Currently, most of the businesses in South Africa employ CRM. This is due to its associated benefits like;

  • Increased sales metrics

  • Boosts productivity

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Secures, keeps and customizes customer interactions.

  • Improves customer satisfaction hence improving retention

  • Improves contact management

The Best CRM in South Africa

1. Monkeypesa CRM

The world of marketing is in a crazy revolution. Every passing day, there is new software on the market. The software makes the work easier with automation.

MonkeyPesa CRM is an all-in-one business automation tool. From sales marketing, automation or customer support. With the devotion to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for you. It is the best sales and marketing software in South Africa.

The CRM aids businesses to get prospects, insights, converts more leads to become customers and manages with customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

The services offered include; Sales pipeline management which helps companies to sell faster and get more prospects into the business. The invoicing and billing system allows track time, generating invoices, Pro-forma invoices, quotes, and getting much more money faster. And the real estate system helps real estate companies to acquire property, landlord management, tenant and the necessary automation.

MonkeyPesa CRM Features:

  • Team collaboration

  • Contact management

  • Pipeline management

  • Data security

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resource and payroll

  • Inventory and stores

  • Bulk SMS and emailing

  • Sales Automation

  • Marketing Automation

Accessible Communication is a giant step into maintaining good relationships with clients. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and even reduce business expenses.

A closed buyer is just as vital as a new lead. MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to create charges based on a prospect’s information, schedule calls for them at any point in time, take notes based on our interactions, and easily save and organize that data for future use. In a nutshell, you are moving a sales lead, or prospect from one stage of your sales funnel to the next.

The MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to add contacts manually or upload files. Because the goal is to have streamlined communication in the sales process, you do not have to open another platform to make calls with your clients and prospects. The dashboard enables calls. In addition, all these interactions are captured in case you need to make clarifications and references.

It is a catch for small and medium enterprises, from social networking tools, project management to CRM, document management, calendars, team management, email marketing, phone management, and flawless lead management.

Social Media is a very relevant tool of sales and marketing today. Every passing day, there is a new social media channel your clients and prospects sign up for. MonkeyPesa provides a centralized location for all your social media interactions — tweets, posts, reels, videos, comments, replies, Direct Messages.

2. Sage CRM

Over the years, Sage has gained trust, and so far, over 15,000 companies worldwide are trusting sage as one of their stand-alone business solutions. Sage CRM helps businesses realize improvement in productivity and visibility hence aiding businesses to make informed decisions.

Sage CRM is a cloud-based CRM that gives flexibility to teams to work from anywhere, which improves performance and productivity. Additionally, Sage CRM gathers all the customer data into a single platform; this makes monitoring easy and turns a business into a customer-centric company.

Sage CRM supports several industries, and these include;

  • Financial industries

  • Hospitality and hotel management

  • Agriculture

  • Maintenance and field service

  • Manufacturing, retail and distribution

SAGE CRM features are categorized into sales, marketing, usability and customer service, these include;

  • Email and SMS communications

  • Lead, opportunity and close tracking

  • Customizable workflow

  • Insight and trend-tracking with charts, dashboards and reports

  • Campaign progress and result reports

  • Automated case logging

  • Escalation of cases

  • Customer self-service

  • Document library

  • Easy to use and adaptable

  • Social media integration

3. HubSpot CRM

If your company uses HubSpot CRM, finding an associated app to help you catch updates would be the best move. With this, you can still add information and any other updates as you go; you specifically don’t need to have a computer to do it, or in case you traveled, but without a computer, you can still add up the updates to a company platform using your phone, and this is quite flexible to any salesperson. You can download the app and get started today while you are on the move.

HubSpot stands out by going beyond sales with its marketing hub, which provides an all-in-one solution to run complete inbound marketing campaigns and improve the leads you provide your sales team. HubSpot CRM has a powerful dashboard that shows sales statistics in real-time, keeping your sales team abreast of the status of every lead in the sales pipeline. In addition, you can track deal flow based on performance, so it is clear just how the team performs according to their quotas.

Why should you use Hubspot sales software?

  • Content optimization tools

  • Optimized landing pages

  • Email templates

  • Marketing automation

  • Lead management

  • Analytics

  • Social media management

HubSpot has also switched from an inbound marketing tool to a complete CRM platform, now offering free and paid sales hubs, customer service hubs, and content management (on top of the free/paid marketing hub).

Benefits of using Hubspot CRM software;

  • Easy to use hence favoring small and medium enterprises

  • It gives a free trial version that lasts forever

  • Pricing and solution packages easily align with the kind of a business

  • Helps to understand CRM lead management

4. Solastis CRM

Small, medium and enterprises in South Africa have adopted Solastis CRM. This is because Solastis is the only perfect solution for entrepreneurial businesses in South Africa. Solastis helps business employees to find more time to engage in more productive and revenue-generating work.

Additionally, it is digital and cloud-based software that stores all the information in a single database that can be accessed by any employee virtually using mobile devices and also uses simple visual pipelines to track all stages of your work process.

Solastis is one of the most trusted CRM solutions in South Africa. The most outstanding feature about Solastis is that it answers customer queries in real-time and has an integrated email system. Additionally, it sets clear goals with an aligned central system and handles long processes easily with a sequential pipeline.

Other features include;

  • Assignment rules

  • CRM tasks

  • CRM analytics

  • Ticketing system

  • Email integration

  • CRM security

  • CRM reports

  • Email integration and authorization.

5. BluWave software

BluWave is a cloud-based CRM that is friendly to use, contemptible and quicker. Additionally, BluWave helps generate profits for the business fast since it reduces administrative work and gives more time to employees to focus on company activities that can bring more sales and revenue.

BluWave CRM software has amazing features, and these include;

  • Opportunity tracking

  • Complete customer connectivity

  • Accounting integration

  • Jobs and ticketing

  • Faster and easier sales

  • Workflow automated selling

  • New Bluewave BI

  • Sage one integration

Bluwave serves several industries, for example;

  • Automotives accessories

  • Automotive services

  • Capital equipment

  • Construction equipment, distribution and business chambers

  • Engineering companies

  • Human resource services

  • IT and telecoms

  • Process control management and publishing

Why BluWave CRM is recommendable software;

  • Allows payment flexibility

  • Absolute CRM

  • Valuable and affordable

  • Provides payment plan options, and it’s a proven software currently with over 1850 clients.

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