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The Best CRM For Insurance Companies

Updated: Apr 1

Finding the right CRM software for your insurance business is an engine for the growth of your business.

An insurance company's sales, marketing and customer service departments need CRM tools more to help them nurture leads and prospects, turn them into paying customers, and monitor the relevant sales and marketing activities.

The Best CRM For Banks and Financial Institutions

Choosing the right CRM software for your insurance business can help you boost your business to big enterprise status.

These are the best CRM tools for insurance companies.

1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM helps insurance companies to generate revenue so fast through consistent engagements with customers and conversion of leads/ prospects into clients. Zoho CRM puts all your information in one central position: sales, marketing, and customer service activities, which becomes easy to monitor.

Zoho provides the best clientele services and updates its customers; its services are user-friendly, and they always struggle to keep a tight relationship between themselves and their customers. Thus, anyone would consider it to be the best CRM to lean on.

Zoho CRM has several benefits, and that’s why so many small and medium companies using Zoho CRM have been successful. The benefits include; boosting sales, allowing business owners to make informed decisions based on the right data, security of the customer data, promoting team productivity, customer satisfaction, and accessing mobile devices.

Zoho CRM features;

  • Sales automation

  • Process management

  • Analytics

  • Sales enablement

  • Team collaboration

  • Mobile

  • Security

  • Performance management

  • Developer platform

  • Predictive sales

  • Marketing automation and many more.

Zoho CRM is good for all kinds of businesses ranging from small to large businesses; it offers a free version for the first 15 days and has payable packages as well that is; the standard package goes for $12 a month, professional goes for $20 a month, enterprise goes for $35 while the ultimate edition goes for $45. All those packages charge each user per month but are billed annually.