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The Best Cold Email Subject Lines That Convert

A cold email is an initial form of contact sent to someone for a particular purpose. Cold email subject lines are excellent weapons of influence if carefully used.

To have your email opened and read your subject line is the only thing you have to rely on. This means you have to think critically and strategically when generating a subject line for your email message. Therefore, it is crucial to get the right cold email subject line.

The best cold email subject lines are generalized to:

  • ask questions

  • address pain points

  • provide value

  • generate curiosity

  • include numbers

  • generate FOMO

  • and use social proof.

Numerous cold subject lines have been discussed, of which some have been tested and used by sales representatives and have proven to be working. This guide compiled the most performing cold emails used by numerous people in sales and marketing to make great conversions.

The Best Cold Email Subject Lines That Convert

1. “Can we discuss a topic?” You can include the name of the topic here

Before you introduce a discussion to your customers, you must first discover matters of preference to your audience. The issues you choose to table for your audience should raise some curiosity and a kind of excitement, especially when introduced to leads.

Customers love it more when they see a subject line of their preference, and it entices them to join the discussion anytime they are called upon. The choice of your subject lines depends on the topics that you would like to discuss with your audience. So you could either table business-related topics or personal topics depending on what you want to go on with or what you think might interest your audience.

2. Customs of reaching a goal

No single client can refuse to engage in a discussion that involves helping them reach their goals. However, you must come to the table for a conversation when you know some of your clients’ goals.

Everyone wants to reach their goals fast and more effectively. To have this email subject line convert, you must know your audience's business pain points. Come to your audience or customers when you give solutions rather than ask what th