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Success story: DusuPay now relies on MonkeyPesa for its marketing & customer support operations

DusuPay is one of Africa's largest financial technology companies. The platform provides core infrastructure that other fintechs and money remittance companies use to collect and pay out to Mobile money wallets and bank accounts across 14 African countries. The company has presence in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia and more.

Given the companies scale of operation, they needed a reliable solution for customer success. Customer support is at the core of keeping its over 5000 customers happy.

It's customers contact it through facebook messenger, Twitter DM's, Instagram DM, Email, Whatsapp and more.

In order to keep up with the support demand, they needed a reliable platform that integrates all the communication channels they use in one place.

MonkeyPesa provided that solution. The platform provides one place that integrates Messenger, Twitter DM, Instagram DM, Outlook email in one place so that the support queries are responded to by their entire support team from one place.

Over 1000 messages are responded to each day.

Here is a quick video

Get started using MonkeyPesa for your Marketing and Customer support:

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