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Step By Step Guide On How To Register A Business In Kenya

Updated: Jul 21

To have a well-established business and be free to operate in Kenya, you need to have it fully registered without any invasion. It doesn’t just keep your and business safe, but it also helps you obtain a trading license and a certificate that shows that your business is legally accepted n that area or region; hence you won’t be interrupted by anyone.

Business registration is the process of sending an application with further details about the business status to the registration agency of that specific region. For example, a company is limited by share capital with set documents by completing an article of association, memorandum of understanding, and resolution board.

In some cases, registering a company name with a legal entity may not be the same as registering a business name with a state because registering a business name with a state, for example; “Limited Liability Company or company limited by guarantee” you have to make sure that your company name and registration application are not separate, otherwise here most states will automatically register your company name unless they find plagiarism in your company’s information.

Why is it important to register your business, or what may happen if you don’t register your business name?

A lot could take place in case you became reluctant about registering your business. For example, if your business wants to use a name as “food for you” and there is already a business that has that name and is fully registered, it might cause conflicts, and this is how it could happen;

For example, if two businesses are sharing one name, it may cause people or customers to get confused, and in case there is a court case against the other “food for you,” vendors or customers might think it’s your business yet is actually not.

If the other food for you has a trademark, the business owner could prosecute your business for trademark violation, and that could put you into losses.

This is how you can check whether an existing business name or the name you intend to use before starting the registration process?

Moving forward with business registration, you want to find out the name of your choice is already in existence or not or whether there is someone else operating using it or whether there is an existing company that actually owns it so to find out whether your business name to be is in existence is practically possible because it can be done in very many ways. One of them is using search engines to Google and seeing established business names or visiting legal entities. You can also establish a physical check to see whether your business name exists in the local market with a registered trademark. Alternatively, you can check the national trademark database if your company has an online presence.


Registering a business in Kenya has quite a few steps to follow before serious registration commences. The steps in the initial stage are; name searching, registration process so that you can reserve your name and reserve your business name, and that reservation lasts for about 30 days. Registration is important because your business might miss chances like franchising with other established businesses, venture with businesses in the same business line, and your business can not feature in the registrar’s list of documented businesses.

In Kenya, registering a business has been made easy since it can be done easily through the online process;

A guideline in regards to registering a business name online in Kenya

1. First things first; you have to use search engines to log in to your e-citizen account

2. Then tap on the office of the attorney general and department of justice’s and click on in it

3. Next, you search for the business registration or name search option and click on it and follow the recommended online procedures to enter your business name

4. There, your business name is automatically saved, and no need to make any further application; go to the continue button and proceed.

5. When those are done, then enter all the requirements, including scanning and uploading the required documents

6. After filling in the details, e-Citizen will generate a BN/6 form; that form must be downloaded and printed, then fill in the required details and have all applicable proprietors sign. And then, when you are through with that, scan and upload the signed copy back to the e-Citizen portal.

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