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Sales Training Courses In South Africa

Just like the same way life is a continuous journey, so do education and learning. These never stop because you don’t know everything that exists on planet earth, and thus you are bound to learn every day that passes by.

Selling is fun, and before you know it all, you are already closing business deals and making heavy money transactions. That is what sales are all about. The more you invest in your sales team, the more you should expect to have good results because good sales training is equal to know-how and know-how attracts good performance and excellence in sales.

Sales training refers to the journey of growing skills, knowledge, professionalism, and expertise to understand the art of selling and how to close more profitable sales deals.

South Africa has several sales training organizations with sales courses that you can enroll in. If you are interested in advancing your sales career, we will explore a few of those courses one by one so that you can get a clear direction and an insight into what you would like to go for or what sales courses you would like to enroll for.


1. GP strategies- custom product sales training

One of the best courses you can take on for sales learning and development in corporate sales industries. It is a sales training program that aims to meet organizational goals through increased selling, which generates more profits and revenues for the company, thus leading to a high business performance that is core for the existence of any business.


  • Growing management techniques for growing sales and more profits

  • Developing sales information skills and administration skills

  • Promoting company products, services, and business brands

  • How changing sales reps' behaviors can boost up sales and many more other sales activities.

  • Their training duration goes for one full year, including live training sessions and continuous virtual training. They also offer classroom training sessions and also online training.

2. Negotiation experts-sales negotiation training.

This course offers the best negotiation skills to help your sales reps win big sales deals by using convincing and persuasive language that is well recognized and used by most sales reps. This course helps sales reps to attain the art of bargaining because it exposes them to real-life situations; this is not only customized to individual sales reps but also teams and groups, thus helping them take on the sales roles and executions in a more and well-organized manner while exceeding targets and getting more customer relationships on board.

Here is what you should expect to learn;

  • Handling objectives

  • Controlling meetings

  • Persuasion of clients/customers to win more sales deals.

  • Showing more value while giving small discounts

  • Closing bigger sales deals

  • How to shorten the sales cycle

  • Knowing customer’s needs

They deliver their training sessions online and classroom training; classroom training sessions last for three days while online sessions last for close 4-6 hours.

Upon completing the course, you are assured of a certificate of completion and a LinkedIn certificate; however, this is optional. The coverage for this course is meant to help you meet the demands of the clients, sales challenges faced by sales reps, and any other upcoming issues in regards to selling.

3. MonkeyPesa sales course

You are looking up to improving your sales volume, training your sales team, the marketing team, heads of sales departments? MonkeyPesa has got you covered with the best physical and online sales course. Join their weekly classes, and trust me, you reap back more than what you invested, that small investment will earn you millions of money, and I can’t wait for you to testify about it after enrolling in these classes.

You can attend classes physically with professional sales experts or enroll in online learning; with online classes, you can get videos of a full course and then train your team on how to close more deals consistently and what skills they need to have those potential deals closed. You can book for your training early enough, and the training can be done physically, on Skype, or through Zoom.

4. Richardson sales performance

This course has existed for a while and is still a market leader. This has been possible because this course has always offered a comprehensive package with comprehensive training. The course package is administered in several ways, such as attending workshop training seminars, online learning, classroom sessions. Also, they offer post-training services to keep you updated on what is trending in the world of sales.

Here is what you should expect to learn the moment you enroll for this course;

  • Handling client objectives

  • Understanding cognitive dissonance

  • The consultative framework emphasizes the fact of being buyer-centric.

  • Grow more customer relationships to grow more sales

  • Understanding customers needs

The study duration for this course goes for 4 hours of online learning, self-paced online learning sessions, and a sales on-site workshop. Big and amazing companies have taken on this course, and these have been able to excel in the world of sales; therefore, this could be your chance, and you can try it on. Some of these companies include; world bank, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, home depot, etc.

5. The Brooks group-impact selling

For the best customer relationship-building results, the Brooks group is the thing that your and your sales team should look out for. The brook group focuses on constructing customer relationships that will last longer and, of course, the benefit of these benefits like continued customer support which increases sales, profits, and revenues. The course also aids in connecting with very corporate buyers and addresses issues regarding understanding customer’s challenges.

What lessons do you expect to learn when you enroll in this specific course? Here is what you should prepare for;

  • Learning to ask for commitments, learning how to negotiate, and how to close a sales deal.

  • Creating solutions for your clients' problems

  • How to prospect leads and plan for calls, especially when you intend to reach out to your prospects.

  • Learning how to ask open-ended questions

Upon completing the course, you earn a certificate of participation, and all the classes are done through online sessions. The time duration for the study goes to about 2-6 hours. Brooks group has offered sales training sessions to several companies. These have been able to realize their sales goals, for example, diamond equipment, Carlton scale, Volvo construction equipment.

Final thoughts and words

In conclusion, the above sales training courses are available in South Africa and across Africa and the entire world; some can be accessed by classroom sessions ans others can be accessed online.

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