• Ssemujju Lewis E

Reasons Why Sales Diversity Is Important In Your Team

When we talk about diversity, we mean a range of very many different things. You have often heard people talk about cultural diversity, tribal diversity, and diversity in languages, which means a range of many things involved. Sales diversity is our business today.

Having diversity within the sales team means having different sales representatives with different backgrounds who speak diverse languages. We have seen an increasing number of clients recognize the business value in finding diverse sales representatives.

Diversity can have a significant positive impact, especially on the sales team, because people find it friendlier and easier to support a company where there is someone of their tribe or share the same background.

Merhawi Kidane says that diversity means hiring and retaining employees representing several different characteristics and walks of life. An organization can increase its diversity of gender, education, ethnicity, social-economic backgrounds, age, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. Diversity is advantageous to apply a range of different perspectives to the problems that a company needs to get solved.

According to a study by Havard Business review, they found out that a team with a member who shares ethnicity, culture, or tribe with a client is more likely to win the support of that client as compared to the other members within the team.

Diversity within a company allows lots of innovative and creative ideas vital for the company's survival and growth, creating high rates of employee engagement and productivity, yet this is what most employees are looking for.


1. Diversity overcomes Groupthink

Groupthink is a tendency of highly cohesive groups to assume that their decisions can’t be wrong. All members must support the group’s decision and ignore any information contrary to it. In other words, it is a strong tendency for decision making groups to close tanks, cognitively, around a decision, assuming that the group can’t be wrong and all that members must support the decision strongly and that any information contrary to it should be rejected.

Groupthink usually occurs due to a very high level of cohesiveness among group members; groups that fall, victim to groupthink, tend to consist of persons who share the same background and ideology. The other thing is emergent norms; these suggest that the group is incapable of failure and morally superior. Therefore, there should be no further discussions on the issues at hand.

Taking a look at the meaning of groupthink and what causes groupthink, it would be too bad for a company in an environment where this certain aspect is occurring, and it would collapse in the next few years. However, in a company where the rural and tribal diversity, groups can never exist because of the different people with different thinking capacities, ideas, innovativeness, and creativity.

2. Connects better with customers

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