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How To Plan For Your Sales Week

Like you can’t go shopping without knowing what you want, the same way you can’t do anything without a plan.

Imagine if you just walked into a supermarket without a clear plan on what you intend to buy? What do you think would be the result? You are likely to walk around and then move out again without buying anything; therefore, it all starts with planning, and what do I mean here? I mean, getting what you want or the success of every other business begins with having a plan.

Planning doesn’t just start or happen with the top management but rather starts from the initial stages/ lower departments then finally to the top; for example, planning for your sales week as a sales rep starts with you.

Planning for your sales week is more like having a sales strategy; this acts as a guideline towards meeting your short-term goals, for example, weekly goals or daily goals; however, this might translate into hitting and achieving your long-term goals. You can plan your sales week as a team or as an individual coz at the end of the day, it’s for your benefit as an individual or team.

Planning your sales week as an individual or as a team is vital because it acts as a motivational tool, keeps up your working energy levels, determination, not giving up, and in the end, it helps you achieve your target success/goals. All plans have value; however, some can be achieved fast than others, and in just a short period of time, goals set to be achieved in a short time period act as a pathway for the achievement of long-term goals. Planning your sales week gives you a feeling of what you must have accomplished at the end of the week or within seven days.

Setting a weekly plan depends on how you want it as an individual but the best time to set it is always a day like on a Friday or towards the end of the week so that on Monday, you have to kick start on a new week with new work. Depending on your plan, it’s always good to have a plan for each day so that you are aware of what to do and where to go each day that comes; this will help you achieve the best of sales.

Planning your sales week depends on how you intend to do it personally or as a team. Still, the most and recommended way is to review your last week’s plan to check out if there are some pending work or goals that were not met so that they can be added onto the new week’s list, and if they are not so vital, then you might not need to include them on your new week’s plan.

The moment you know what you need to get done in the new week, you already have your sales plan for the week ready, and thus, you can mark your days of the week and what you have to do in those days specifically.

For success to happen, you must follow your week’s sales plan and be consistent with it. You can then choose to tell one of your closest people to help you monitor your consistency towards following your weekly plan, which will help you keep motivated towards executing your tasks just like your week’s sales plan flows.


1. Get your sales calls ready and on time

This basically deals with the sales calls you have to make in a day to reach out to your most outstanding prospects; you can do this by finding some time off your schedule. There are many different ways you can use to contact your prospects; it could be through email or phone calls, text messages, or social media platforms. Before your initial contact, you can first review your approach to clients or prospects so that your communication or the message you are trying to pass on will be good enough to get a client down towards making a fast decision to buy products or services. Preparing ahead of your sales day gives you consistent discipline and more sales wins; it is recommended that all salesmen should always be practicing ahead of their day so that they can be able to win a client’s interests.

2. Separate your administrative time from your calls time

Administration work occupies most of the time for sales reps, especially if you are trying to get back to the voicemails, text messages and emails; therefore, if you don’t put demarcation for your administration work from calls time, you might end up being caught up in replying to emails and miss out on the calls which are not good because you might miss out on some opportunities too from prospects. Therefore is vital to focus more on the calls and then find some time in the day to reply to emails and any other messages.

3. Create time to nurture your contacts

As usual, every business usually has led; some are hot, others are warm and others are just cold; as a sales rep, therefore, you have to pick time off schedule to nurture these contacts. While hot leads may not need nurturing, cold leads need a lot of time and a lot of nurturing because they might take a very long time to be convinced to buy your product or services, and for warm leads, you may need a few hours in the day and not much time. Giving time to your contacts will help you grow your relationships slowly by slowly. At the end of it all, you will be able to catch them all, especially those clients you know have competition and are likely to be taken away by other reps if not given time or those that you think are likely to purchase or buy goods in large quantities.

4. Create time for face to face interactions with your clients

Nothing beats earning trustworthy just like face to face interactions, it feels so real, and more so it provides you with an opportunity to understand and determine the client’s problem clearly and what solutions you may need to address his or her problem and how best your products or services can suit in.

5. Always prospect

Prospecting literally means having inside sales reps make outbound calls or send outbound emails to leads in hopes of creating opportunities for account executives; basically, it’s more of having sales reps engage more with their clients/leads so that they can get to know more about them, learn about what they like, their interests and preferences so that you can find a way in which you can appropriately serve them while fulfilling their needs or find a way in which the services and the goods you offer can fit into their problem. Therefore, it is important to find some time off your day to prospecting your clients; this will help you gather more information about your clients, schedule more appointments, and close more sales if they are well convinced.

6. Conduct follow-ups

Conducting follow-up activities is one of the most effective ways of closing more sales deals because the more you meet a client, the more their minds are drawn closer to purchasing your products. Following up helps build a strong relationship with your clients and could be the foundation of building trust in you; trust grows more if you fulfill all your activities on time and only if clients feel that they can really on you for anything.

7. Learn something new every week to develop your sales skills and professionalism

Learning is a process, and learning never ends; learning gives new knowledge every day; therefore, as a sales rep who aims at scoring more deals, you need to have the ability to learn something new daily so that you can be able to use it even in a field as long as it is necessary. You can learn from watching YouTube sales videos or reading sales books, magazines, and novels, listening to sales tutors or speakers or any other means. Learn something new will allow you to grow your skills more and also develop professionally.

In conclusion, having a weekly sales plan is the best thing that any sales rep can ever do for themselves and the business to grow more profits and revenues from sales.

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