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Marketing Companies in Uganda

Marketing Definition

According to AMA; Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

There are 3 main segments within Marketing

a) Content creation

For any form of communication to be made, content has to be created. This is made in different types including: Graphics, Video, Written content.

b) Content distribution

Distribution channels vary. Some of these

c) Analysis

What can be measured can be improved

The ideal marketing agency should be in position to help any company with any of the above 3 segments

These are the top marketing companies in Uganda

1) MonkeyPesa

located in Kyalliwajjala, Kampala, Uganda. The company prides itself in being unique analytical based actionable marketing. The company integrates a range of software to help its clients get better results from the marketing done. Through an integrated Sales CRM and marketing software makes it possible for even a budget marketing campaign to be pulled off.

The company also holds several media assets that serve the marketing clients including MonkeyPesa TV and Kratos Sports


a) Marketing Automation

b) Advanced Data analytics

c) Extra media assets like the MonkeyPesa TV.

Contacts: +256757537658

2) FireWorks

Its strength is in the traditional billboard advertising. The company has started expanding into other digital channels citing intrusion by several small players in the billboard advertising space


The company has its roots in the UK. It has sunk its tentacles in the sports industry. When it comes to Uganda Marketing, They are the go to marketing agency for companies with sports affiliations like Nile special

4) Blue Flamingo

the fact that its Owned by Seanice Kacungira a former presenter on capital FM is where its greatest advantage lies. The company has expanded to South Africa and now seems to focus more on the South Africa market base

Address: Unit 7, Baobab Office Park, 86 John Vorster Road, Randpark Ridge, 2156

Phone:+27 62 146 3817

5) Balaam Advertising

Balaam was founded by one of Uganda's socialites Balaam. They are one of the old guard of marketing companies in the country with strong affiliations to the Music industry and the current political regime in the country.


a) Political affiliations

b) Music Affiliations

Contacts: +256700766572

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