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How To Set Up A Joint Email Account

Updated: May 9, 2022

Communication is vital in growing and running a business. Hence, if you fail to keep up with communication, you are losing out on the most significant part of your business. A joint email account is one of the most valid and recommendable options for companies that struggle with communication.

A joint email account is a generic email mailbox with its email address. All users can use their credentials to open a joint mailbox that permits users to read and send emails from it. Being a shared inbox tool, you can share essential emails, turn emails into tasks to be completed and assign people to accomplish them.

Joint email accounts are more like collaborative tools, which are joint accounts that are built-in Google groups. People can use joint email accounts to deliver messages, delegate interactions to each other and monitor conversations as tasks. A joint email account promotes teamwork proficiency through an efficient work routine and productivity.

Using joint email accounts allows users access to access your Gmail account. This comes along with several benefits like sorting emails with filters automatically, hiding the delegates' names as the sender, monitoring the status of email messages using labels, and capturing records of correspondences by archiving emails. Setting joint emails allows transparency, is collaborative and friendly, allows delegation, has better visualization and more.

When using joint email accounts, delegates can read, send and delete your email messages without chatting with anyone for you or changing your Gmail password. However, organizations find challenges using emails. Email often consumes a lot of the company’s work time since most users utilize emails and are unsure of the best ways to use emails and their features.

It's easy to create shared mailboxes so that a group of people can monitor and send emails from common email addresses. Then, when a person in the group replies to a message sent to the shared/joint mailbox, the email appears to be from the shared mailbox and not from the individual user.

Joint mailboxes include; shared calendars, which businesses use to schedule their appointments in most cases. This is an easy way to keep everyone informed.

In today’s guide, we will share some of the best practices for building a joint email account to enable you to grow your business and achieve your goals. These are safer since team members must have their emails, accounts and protection password. This reduces the likelihood of being hacked and related issues.

How to set up a joint email account

An excellent joint email account should be simple, intuitive, collaborative, organized and should be in a position to get down answers to all your queries and problems. To have an efficient working joint email account, you need to monitor, organize, and teach your co-workers to be transparent in everything they do.

  • Setting up a joint email account requires you to forward the address in Gmail and then build a filter. Then visit settings, click on the gear icon on the top right corner, and open the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

  • In the forwarding section, click add forwarding address, enter another person’s email address, and click OK. Then Gmail will send a verification email to the other person who you used their email. Then acquire a code from them, paste it into your Gmail settings and click verify.

Another alternative manner for creating joint email accounts to add members includes;

  • Sign in with the global admin account or exchange administration account. The administrator must complete this action.

  • Visit the teams and groups' joint email accounts page in the admin center.

  • On the joint email account pages, choose to add a joint email account. Then enter a name for the joint email account. Finally, select the email address, but you can edit it if needed.

  • Select save changes, and this might take a few minutes before you go ahead to add members.

  • Then select add members to this mailbox. These are people who will be able to view the incoming mails to the shared mailbox and the outgoing replies.

  • And then select add members’ button. Put a checkmark next to the people you want to use this shared mailbox, and then choose to save.

  • Select close to end the process.

PS: With software like Gmelius, you won’t have to worry about two team members responding at once. Instead, team members will see each other’s avatars if they are viewing an email, and the red ellipsis will pulse in real-time if they are replying.

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