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How To Increase Traffic On Your Website

It’s amazing seeing new leads, prospects, and new contacts visit or check out your website. That is the joy of any business person or entrepreneur. But how you get new leads to come through your website is the question!

If you want to generate new business every day, you must attract new leads on your website, nurture these leads and convert them into paying customers. If you want to increase the number of sales you close per month, you have to increase traffic to your website; this is efficient and proven to be working.

Every business owner would probably like to have more customers, and of course, these customers come through in many different ways. These include online contact, physical contact, and referrals. All you need as an entrepreneur are the virtual visitors who will turn into supporting customers. Therefore, you must be keen to see if those people are actually interested in what you are selling to them.

There are several ways you can drive traffic to your website, get more customers, close more deals and get more profits. You need to understand how traffic works.

There are ways of driving traffic to your website; one of them is the freeway or the paid way of getting traffic; both ways are effective means of getting traffic; however, paid advertising might become a bit costly; however, the organic way of getting traffic might be a bit slow.

We will explore ways of getting traffic to your website or the organic website traffic; this should work for small startups.

1. Crafting and posting valuable content to your website

The content you put up on your website is essential for attracting your prospects, and this partly depends on the kind of content you put up. Perhaps if you put content that doesn’t speak to your audience, you will attract no one meaning that you won’t even make any sales at the end of the month or week. Such a scenario should literally communicate that you need to put up content that is in line with what your customers actually want. Writing articles and blogs keep your website active, and the more blogs you add to Google, the more chances of visibility you get. Add links to your content, both external and internal links; this further betters your SEO and visibility, increasing your chances of appearing on the first pages of Google, for example, if a client is searching.

2. Writing blogs for other bloggers

The fact is that if you want to learn every single, then you have to do something for others so that they can also do the same for you; writing for others could help you earn some traffic and boost your tap into new customers. This further gives you the ability to work on your own website and improve it the more; this is because it gives you some exposure and improves your knowledge about writing when you are writing for others.

3. The use of social media

Social media is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic towards one's website. This takes a bit of time, especially when using organic marketing to attract traffic, while paid advertising on social media appears to be a little bit expensive. Still, it attracts traffic in just a short period of time. Organic traffic is free but requires to post daily, reply to comments, engage with other people’s post, like and comment on them so that your post can be treated the same by those very people. Make your site free so that those who wish to share your social media posts on their pages are free to do that, which in turn increases your number of sales.

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4. Advertising

Obviously, getting leads and prospects to your website is the most effective method and has been deployed by small businesses, medium enterprises, and big companies and organizations. This method has proven its success, and it is for that reason that even now, it is still used and deployed by most organizations. Advertising has different methods of attracting traffic; some are for paying, and others are free, so you have to choose your method of getting traffic depending on your business goals and not utilizing the availability of money allocated for ads like; paid search, display, and social media advertising.

5. Engage with your audience

Increasing the number of posts on social media without engaging with the audience to know what they want doesn’t really yield so much impact. Much as you upload your business posts on social media but also ensure that you spare time to engage with your audience, know who they are, what they want. Reply to the comments of your audience, be aggressive and a bit straightforward to ask them what they want and what they expect from that way will guide you so that you know whether you have to change your line of production or continue with what is existing or improve on what you are doing currently.

6. Take good use of search engine optimization

If you are trying to get traffic for your website and you are not utilizing the use of search engine optimization, then you are missing out on a lot. Search engine optimization helps you to get found on Google, meaning that if customers search about your products or services, they are more likely to see your business in the first pages of Google, thus increasing chances of being seen by those who could be particularly interested in your products.

7. Answer customer’s questions on the social media

If you are a businessman and you are looking for means to get traffic for your website channel, answering client’s questions on your website channel will be a major factor contributing to traffic on your website. By answering customer’s questions on your social media platform, you can get a chance to connect with the right people with the right content to keep the traffic for your website alarming. However, communicating with your clients online is very important and reliable; you must not use your platform to provoke people and promising your customers something that cannot be fulfilled. Prioritizing giving detailed answers to queries of your clients could be of help and these might be of importance to your customer’s needs and could help meet their complaints.

8. Craft a YouTube account and put up some video tutorials on your YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the second most popular search engines after Google. It should be considered by an entrepreneur to get traffic for his/ her website because it boosts the awareness of your brand by uploading videos of what your company is offering to customers.

For a reason Google itself loves to use videos on youtube, this can help every business which wants to increase the traffic for his/her website because a large number of people can view anything that has been uploaded on YouTube; thus, this will help you to know whether people like what you are doing or offering to them and increase their exposure to your brand.

9. Be active on social media

Some people think sharing content through their website channels is enough for them to get traffic for their website, this is not true, and it's unprofessional; you have to be updated and actively engage with other social media like Twitter, Skype, and Facebook, join other platforms and interact with your community to find out how they keep posted their clients on social media.

10. Get to use email marketing

It’s been proven to be a bit efficient, and therefore, if you are looking to increasing traffic for your website, email marketing should be something you give a mind. What makes email marketing is that it is possible to send bulk messages to over 1000 contacts in just a blink of an eye. All you need to do with email marketing is to make a list of those you want to receive your information.

11. Remember always to update your content

Every time your business does something new or puts in place new products and services, don’t forget to add that to your website because you never know there could be a client who has been looking for that specific product, and by chance, you could earn yourself a sale and close the deal there and then.

12. Use Instagram and Facebook for marketing

Instagram is a visual-centralized app, and currently, it's accumulating large numbers of people looking for products and services and those looking for a market for their goods. This, therefore, makes it a platform for your business to be and where to find customers to support your business.

13. Put internal links

Emphasizing the use of internal links in your content helps to get clients to your own page and your own website, this happens when a reader clicks to open a link to read further what the article is about or even to find out more about the company itself, and this creates more traffic for your website in the long run.

In conclusion, there are several ways through which you can increase your website traffic, both paid means and free means; however, the ones we have given you are above are majorly free means of attaining website traffic; these could be beneficial for owners of small startups.

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