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How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Everything you have heard about email marketing is probably wrong. Email marketing is that kid in school that everyone wants to be, but they can't. So they, instead, start hating.

Privacy, customization, and automation have made email marketing a darling trend. Email gives a personalized connection and shows the recipient that you took time and thought about them. This makes the reader gain some glimmer of interest.

How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy

An email marketing strategy requires significant planning and forethought. By dedicating time to planning your email marketing strategy, you can meet your goals more effectively and create the best campaigns possible.

We shall see how to do that below:

1. Set email marketing goals

Setting goals for your team and the campaign is good motivation for outstanding performance. The goals should be in line with your business goals. After the goals have been set, you can know how to go forward with newsletter templates, visuals, copy, and other essential aspects of email marketing.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Knowing your target market and the audience is very crucial for your business. To know your business, you might need to have a buyer persona in place; this helps you know your target audience, what things they like, where they are, and their preferences. Additionally, your buyer persona should include; demographic information about your supporters or purchasers.

This information includes; age, gender, income, what they do, and anything you want to know about your customers. Finally, you can ask your audience what drives them and the problems your product or service can address concerning the above.

3. Grow an email list

Developing an email newsletter list is a good marketing strategy to get you heavy conversions once done as annual practice. An email newsletter list is a robust list of people you send emails. Unfortunately, email newsletter lists get corrupted by about 25% almost every year. This means you must continuously get more people to replace the lost ones and those that could have unsubscribed.

Adding a Call-to-Action statement like; subscribe speaks to people and enables them to subscribe to your email newsletter list, expanding your network with more people opting in.

Below is how you can grow the list.

  • Place discount pop-ups and offer discounts in exchange for an email address

  • Place exit pop-ups

  • Have an opt-in form on your site

  • Create downloadable content (a.k.a. lead magnets)

  • Add event or webinar attendees to your mailing list

  • Provide early access invitations for new products

  • Create online quizzes and send results to those who leave their contacts

  • Offer free wifi in exchange for an email

4. List segmentation

When you write a well-prepared copy for your audience, the chances are high that you will have an email copy that converts. This, therefore, makes it relevant to segment your emails. Segmented emails fetch more clicks than non-segmented emails. To have segmented emails requires you to start segmenting your email contact list.

The segmentation criterion is usually defined by the type of business and email marketing campaign objectives.

Your email contact list can be categorized according to the following;

  • Demographics

  • Industry

  • Client interests

  • Source of lead

  • Contest participation

  • Sales funnel drop-off. These help you to segment your email contact lists accordingly.

Consider your customer's needs and wants and endeavor to include them in the email to motivate the reader to act on your message.

5. Plan newsletter types

Developing an email newsletter list is a good marketing strategy to get you heavy conversions once done as annual practice. An email newsletter list is a robust list of people you send emails to.

You can choose how often you will publish the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters. In addition, the newsletter provides other curated materials, tips, and other than your products and services. This is valuable information to subscribers.

  • Promotional: upselling, new product announcements, webinar invitations

  • Behavioral: welcome newsletters, “we miss you” emails, cart abandonment

  • Informational: CEO updates, Terms of Service

6. Plan time to craft your email

All the steps above will be useless if you don't settle down and plan to have the email copies written.

Having a hard time crafting your emails also ensures that you don’t fall behind. When you have a detailed marketing calendar, sticking to the dates on your calendar is critical to achieving your goals.

Email Marketing With MonkeyPesa

MonkeyPesa possesses an email marketing service that helps you build an email list. You can use your email marketing service to manage your email list in one place. It will also allow you to create and send email campaigns to your email list simultaneously.

Furthermore, the software will enable you to create a lead magnet incentive. You can create several lead magnets like free books, free courses, and free trials. This helps to draw more people to join your email listing. Thus, email marketing allows meaningful conversations with people interested in your business.

With its devotion to helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics and easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal.

CRM aids businesses in getting prospects and insights, converting more leads to become customers and managing customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

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