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Here's What You Need To Know About Sales As A Startup Owner

If you are a start-up owner and you have just started venturing into a business, it is advisable that you first learn how to sell because a big percentage of companies and a few other business types depend on the idea that if they don’t make any sales, then they are their verge of shutdown.

When you have just set up your business, you are literally involved in everything, and you have to run it because its critical growth and success depends entirely on you; therefore, you have to run the show yourself. If you are a founder of a startup, perhaps you need to learn some sales skills so that you can be able to run your business and sell to new customers to keep your business moving forward, and this calls for a certain set of skills.

Many writers and sales experts say that sales are best made by founders reason being that they know the pitch of the business like no other, have the passion for selling your products/services and getting the company to another level, they have the full knowledge of the industry and more you have the full roadmap of your business and the direction which it is taking.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that founders could be the best giants of the business, and simply because they are; goal-oriented, they are light, they breathe, and the soul of the business, it makes it easy for other companies to engage in contractual business negotiations with the founders of the business as compared to the bureaucratic tendencies that occur when there are no any founders at the start or the bottom; also founders know what is good for the company and what might detain the company backward and lastly founders are always aware when a company needs money or when it is out of resources.

As a startup owner, it is essential to have the ability to differentiate between marketing and sales because most people confuse the two. Still, marketing is about putting your products or services out there in the marketplace to be seen and easily accessed by people, while selling is about finding customers who may need your services or goods and deciding if they really qualify for the products or the services you offer.

To be a successful salesperson, you need to have several skills to guide you through sales and knowing how to sell; let us take a look at some of these skills;

1. Successful salespeople don’t sell a product or a service but rather themselves and the company; as earlier marked, you don’t need to talk too much about the product/ service you offer but rather talk about what you do as a company and how what you do would help the other company grow, that way the person will be impressed and will want to pick interest in having your hand so that it could help them grow their business and by doing such people will see you as an expert in the area and could lean on you for further help in regards to getting sales knowledge to run their business.

2. They freely ask for sales from their customers and those who appear to be potential customers; having the ability to ask freely for sale from a customer doesn’t communicate that you are so much into selling and getting the profits but rather finding a solution for a customer’s problem. Your approach to a customer is what determines the change in their mindset.

3. Understanding customers needs or call it vertical selling; the moment you understand customer’s needs, then you have solved half of their problems, customers gain trust from a salesperson who understands their problems and goes ahead to show interest in finding solutions, the capture of someone’s attention begins from having the ability to show quick actions while trying to address someone’s concern.

4. Support customers through the buying process; given the presence of the internet currently, there are so many things going around, and therefore customers need guidance during the buying process so that they can make an informed decision, this way a customer will develop an attachment to you and perhaps your company.

5. Building rapport with customers; If you a businessman or woman and you are directly dealing with clients, you need to build rapport with them because it helps you get their attention, and for any business deals, these would consider you first; therefore, building a first-hand relationship with your customers is very important, and also business people should consider this in their mind.

6. Listen actively; listening actively allows you to understand your customers’ needs; when you listen to customers effectively, you could be in a position to offer the real service to them.

7. Put in place solutions; if you are in place to understand the customers’ problems, then you can be in place to find solutions to help them. When you get to know the reality about a person, you can present ideas that help them meet their needs?

8. Ask customers don’t assume for them; One of the greatest mistakes salespeople make is assuming wrong customer problems. As a result, they create wrong solutions, which might not make sense to your customer much as good your solutions. Still, so long they are not relevant to them, they won’t make any changes or create an impact.

9. Be grateful to your customers; clients love it the more when they are appreciated. Unfortunately, most business people, when a client makes a purchase, the relationship ends there. The much they can offer to a customer is just a thank you, and they don’t mind following up with a customer; this, therefore, causes a low customer retention rate.

10. Be in a position to manage your own state; Being a startup owner calls for a lot of uncertainties including rejection, and maybe a bit of loss; therefore, you have to learn to stay come and focused so that you can keep determined and make crucial informed decisions

To have a successful selling process, you need to focus on certain areas, and some of these areas include;

1. Having boldness and asking for referrals from customers; if you ask for something, then you get it; asking for referrals from customers could be a step up and an opportunity for you to start gaining some finances for your start.

2. Gain expertise in knowing your product; once you know your product t your fingertips, then it becomes easy for you to pitch a customer; it is vital to understand the challenges your clients face and how best you can fit in to solve them. This knowledge will help you sell and grow and will also help you refine and improve your product or service.

3. Understand the nature of the work of your customers; depending on the customers you have onboard if you are a good entrepreneur, it’s good to understand what each one of them does so that as you approach them, you have a wide range of knowledge in regards to addressing their problems.

In conclusion, the answer to should a start-up owner learn about sales is yes, so long as they feel like they need to have more experience or had not had experience before.

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