• Ssemujju Lewis E

Facebook takes EU to court for invading privacy

There is a twist in the plot.

Ordinarily, it has been Media giants Facebook getting dragged to the courts of law, but now, they are taking the European Union to court for invading privacy.

The EU is conducting a probe into Facebook and the social media company has responded in equal measure and claims EU regulators have asked broad questions beyond the scope of two ongoing antitrust probes, and it has requested that the General Court in Luxembourg intervene.

To gather information, the European Commission has demanded internal documents from Facebook that include 2,500 specific key phrases. Facebook says that means handing over unrelated but highly sensitive data.

The Brussels’ request for any documents which include the phrases “big question”, “shut down” and “not good for us” could even force Facebook to hand over confidential security assessments of its California headquarters.


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