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Everything You Need To Know About Registering A Business In Botswana

Registering your business in Botswana is very important because doing things by the book saves you lots of penalties. Whether internationally or locally, operating as a legally registered business has its relevant benefits and also it prevents your business from working under certain unforeseen security risks.

With the advancement of time and due to public demand, the registration process is

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Here is what you should expect once you officially register your business in Botswana;

  • Free flow of your business and limited blockages

  • Botswana allows repatriation of profits and dividends

  • The country has a ready labor market

  • It is also a member of the world trade organization

  • It is a developing economy and high economic growth

  • Low costs of setting up a business and free trade economy

  • Set up requirements are minimal

  • There is increasing economic growth in the country, which gives a favorable economic environment for business growth.

Like any other country, to register a business in Botswana, you are required to go through specific processes, with business name reservation and submission of incorporation documents as required by the Registrar of Companies and intellectual property Authority (CIPA) at the top of the list. This is a body that authorizes the registration of all businesses in Botswana.

Procedure to register your business with CIPA in Botswana;

1. First, you have to draft an application to the Companies and Intellectual property Authority. Then, you have to make a list of at least three proposed names for your business. Then, it is advisable to look through the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Botswana database to check whether your proposed business names exist or not.