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Digital Marketing Institutes And Courses In Nigeria

Learning is a process, and it's safe to say it never ends. Every passing day, you learn something new that you probably never knew about, making learning our daily source of knowledge.

Are you in Nigeria? Are you thinking of doing a digital marketing course? Do you have the choice yet or not? If you have found what you would like to do already, that is pretty amazing. In case you haven't gotten a choice of what you would like to do, don’t worry! Today, we are covering the best 5 digital marketing courses in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are so many digital marketing companies coming up wanting to employ people who are professionals in the areas of digital marketing. This, therefore, calls you to take on a digital marketing course and one you think would actively match your profession.


The digital marketing courses are confined to the offline systems, but there are also online digital marketing courses, so let us take a look to explore them one by one.


Wild fusion offers several courses that deliver and feed you with digital marketing knowledge to Africa's and the world's leading digital marketing and technological institution. These courses are categorized into three major classes: Advanced training in digital marketing, professional certificate in digital marketing, and digital marketing masterclass. It doesn't just end at full digital marketing courses, but it also goes ahead to offer short courses like; SEO, social media, digital internship program, growth hack for entrepreneurs, and so many others that haven't been mentioned right here!

The three full courses mentioned above have various other aspects(topics) covered under them, and there is so much more information to cover under each one of them the moment you enroll; some of the sub course units include;

• digital campaign planning and strategy,

• fundamentals of digital marketing,

• Search engine marketing

• Search engine optimization

• Pay per click marketing

• Mobile marketing

• Digital integration and strategy implementation

• Content marketing

• Pay per click advertising

• Display advertising

• Google analytics and business ethics


It is not just Nigeria’s leading digital institute with the best digital marketing courses, but also it is the world’s leading trusted institute with the best digital marketing courses. Thousands of companies and students have trusted Simplilearn for the best digital marketing knowledge, and you know what? These have realized their dreams come true because Simplilearn gave them more than what they expected. Simplilearn does empower students and covers all kinds of people, for example, employees, as long as you are interested in digital marketing as a profession. When you enroll for a digital marketing course with Simplilearn, here is what you should expect to cover:

• Mastering Search engine Optimization, content marketing, pay per click and digital analytics.

• Advanced web analytics

• Advanced pay per click

• Mastering social media, mobile marketing and digital strategies

• Advanced social media

During the course study and after, here is what you are assured of having or what can be availed;

• Over 100-course instructors for online sessions, and these always go live

• learning content

• Forums moderated by faculty and industry experts

• Digital marketing specialist maters certificate

• Mentoring sessions for every month

• Certificate of completion

Their study duration goes for a full year; however, for any other more and related details, you can contact them on;18002127688.


This offers the best digital marketing courses that you can never find anywhere else. It offers high-quality courses with highly trained tutors and instructors to guide you through the entire time of your study duration. This has been ranked among the best digital marketing institutions with the best courses that anyone else would ever wish to take on; therefore, if you want to become a digital marketing expert, this institution, coupled with the courses it offers, would be appropriate for you.

The digital master marketing course offers training for master certification and a few other marketing certifications primary essentials with a coverage of 40 vital modules of the digital marketing structure.

Having helped big brands and corporate organizations excel through a series of mentorship sessions, IIMSKILLS offers the following courses to be covered on the syllabus;

• Email marketing

• Google Adwords

• Content writing

• Micro video marketing

• Web development

• Affiliate marketing

Social media marketing and also continued hands-on practice.

A few course highlights include;

• Digital infographic resume preparation

• WordPress web development

• Video marketing

• Search engine optimization

• Search engine marketing

• Affiliate marketing and media buying

• Email marketing

• Inbound marketing

• Content writing or blogging

• Social media marketing and web analytics

• Online reputation management and integrated digital marketing strategy

The course duration of study goes for three full months, IIMSKILLS training institute has a lot of beautiful and educative content embedded in it, and I am sure you might want to find out more about the courses and the institute itself, here are the contacts; 9211099503 or you can similarly visit their website at;


This has been awarded several times as the best and one of the leading digital marketing education institutes in India and worldwide. The institute is based in Indian though it has several digital marketing courses it offers outside India, it goes beyond that scope. It now has some courses established in Nigeria, making it easy for several Africans who would love to have access without traveling. The course doesn't just offer the offline learning system, but they also offer an online learning system with several certifications.

Indian institute of digital education offers several digital marketing related contents to be covered, and this includes;

• Website planning and development

• Email marketing

• App store optimisation

• Soft skills and media planning

• Web analytics and AD psychology

• Creative strategy and copywriting

• Digital scenario in India

• Advanced content strategy

• commerce marketing

• Content marketing

• Search engine marketing

• Monetising blogs

• Influencer marketing

• Brand reputation management and design essentials.

Indian institute of digital education has professional tutors who teach the courses above; they don’t only feed knowledge to the students but also allow them to have on-the-job training to learn what the outside world is like.

Here is what you should expect to engage in when you enroll in learning with the India institute of digital education.

• Numerous hours of video learning

• Live streaming during the learning sessions

• Certificates

• Mentoring sessions

• Assignments after learning modules

• Brand projects

• Industry tools mastery

• Dissertation or the final project

• Training placement

• Live answer and question sessions

• Learning from experts career guidance and counseling plus very many other sessions.

Upon completion of the course, you are expected to be awarded, and some of these awards include certificates like a certificate of participation, certificates for completion of learning modules and also the final and big one, which is the “certificate of advanced digital marketing,” qualifying you as a marketer.

The duration of study is 8 weeks doing 12 hours per week, but in case you need more details about IIDE, you are not limited to anything; you can speak to them at +919619958615 or by email, which is; preferably you can visit their website at


Are you up to the latest, or you want to upgrade to the latest digital marketing institute skill? Nigeria is here for you! This institute has been recognized worldwide for being one of the best digital marketing training institutions.

Confirmation of their excellence in digital marketing comes from those who have taken up their courses and the benefits they have obtained from them, including establishing online businesses that catch up in just a three-month time period.

With the aim of “creating many prolific digital marketers by 2030, Digital marketing institute skill in Nigeria has been established in most countries cutting across in about three-continent; this has been done to ease access to those who could be interested in digital marketing and becoming digital marketing experts and also being able to deliver and supply high-quality digital marketing training content.

Their course curriculum covers several topics, and these include;

• How to set your own digital firm

• Online reputation management

• Customer social media engagement

• Pay per click advertising

• How to grow your online following

• Planning and formulating digital marketing campaigns and goals

• How to craft a good business brand

• How to drive crazy sales

• Display advertising

• How to get leads from websites and other social channels

• Affiliate marketing

• Content creations

Upon completion of the course there are certificates awarded but anyway if you feel like you need to get more details about this you can contact them by phone on; +2348165289018 or if you are in Nigeria you can walk to their office by following this simplified address; 72B, Surulere Way, Dolphin Estate, 101222 Lagos Nigeria.

In conclusion, there are so many digital marketing institutes with various digital marketing courses; however, the above delivered to you by MonkeyPesa are the ones you can trust most than any other.

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