• Ssemujju Lewis E

Bank Of America Makes You Want To Watch Where You Bank

It is an interesting time in the Americas right now. From the party elections, the coronavirus and financial systems turning up with not-so-common blemishes. Bank of America is at it.

Days, after Citigroup Inc. made headlines for accidentally sending $900 million to a group of lenders, a Bank of America Corp. customer in Massachusetts, opened his account to find an even bigger cash infusion: $2.45 billion.

Though, the money wasn’t really there. The Bank said it was a display error and it could and was corrected upon realization.

This account was under psychiatrist Blaise Aguirre’s name. On first seeing the figure, he thought the bank would rectify it but when they seemed not to react, he was forced to reach out.

He claimed he was seeing an unusual balance on his account both the web and his phone’s mobile app.


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