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Bad Omen Or Just Another Day?!

The Ugandan political atmosphere around elections is very radioactive that very small things cause huge reactions.

The start of the year saw religious leaders in an uncomfortable corner as their symbolic peace gesture going into the year of the general elections fell flat, seated, literally. On the 5th of January 2021, the inter-religious council of Uganda held a function to pray for a peaceful election that is free and fair, with continued stability during the election period and after elections. At the end of the prayers, the leaders attempted to release birds to symbolize the prevalence of peace but to their dismay and the humor of Ugandans, the doves sat on the ground, and motionless.

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Christians to be specific, view doves as a symbol of peace and their refusal to fly away as hoped got the superstitious people thinking maybe there won't be any peace during the elections. If you have read your bible from the beginning of time, you will be well aware that it was a dove that came back with plant growth a sign for Noah and everyone and everything in the ark that it was the dawn of a new era.

The more satirical individuals saw this as a chance to create content that made Ugandans on media happy and had them cracking ribs.

The campaigns have been marred by violence with the 18-19th November riots standing out in which at least 50 Ugandans lost their lives. Police have also been in the red zone encumbering the movement of opposition leaders.

Uganda goes to the polls on January 14th to elect their president from 11 contestants: incumbent President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni Kaguta, musician-cum-politician Robert Kyagulanyi, Army men Henry Tumukunde and Gregory Mugisha Muntu, FDC's Engineer Patrick Amuriat Oboi, DP's Norbert Mao, pundit turned preacher Joseph Kabuleta, Nancy Kalembe; the only woman in the race, and independents Fred Mwesigye, Willy Mayambala and 24-year-old John Katumba, a fresh graduate from Makerere University.

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