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All You Need To Know About Company Form 18 (Uganda Company Registration Guide)

To carry out business in Uganda minus disturbance, you must register your business fully and legally. Form 18 is one of the crucial documents one ought to have to certify legal registration.

Company registration is a process that requires having certain documents in the names of registration forms depending on the laws, articles, and codes of the region/ country. In Uganda, particularly, to have your business or your company registered, you must have several forms to fill, and company form 18 is one of them.

To register a business/company in Uganda, it is crafted and officiated by companies Act No.1 of 2012, which provides the legal framework under which companies can be formed for legal purposes. It is only after legal registration in Uganda that a company is recognized as a legal person with the capacity and powers to act on its own.

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The body that is in charge of legal registration of businesses and companies in Uganda is known as the Uganda Registration Bureau of Services; this body doesn’t discriminate registration of any company, meaning that it is open to all kinds of business, whether just a business name, joint venture, branch office, local or foreign company or even a partnership.

Additionally, URSB is mandated to register whether public or private companies, foreign companies, legal and security documents are liable for registration. In the process of registration, you are required to fill several forms, and company form 18 is one of them; however, this depends on the kind of business that you have to register; for example, form 18 is required only when registering a local company or business but not a requirement when registering a foreign business.

All about the Company Form 18

A necessity

Company form 18 of business registration is a notice of registered office and postal address. When registration of the company is done, this form has to be within 14 working days after the company registration date.

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1. Company form 18 is necessary when registering a company limited by guarantee in Uganda. To register a company limited by guarantee, one needs to first book or reserve a name for their business and file the Company registration form that is S.18, memorandum of understanding, and articles of association with the registrar’s office. When company registration has been done, several other forms must be filed in addition to form 18 when registering a company limited by guarantee (company returns), and some of these forms include;

  • Company form 20, which seeks for particulars of directors and secretaries and must be filed within 14 working days

  • There is also company form 10, which is the return of allotment, which must be filed within 60 days.

  • And the form of annual return for a company that is limited by shares and has to be filed once a year.

2. Company form 18 is also required when one wants to register a local company limited by shares; however one needs first to reserve a name for their business and must be accompanied by documents to be filed with the registrar of companies’ office.

These documents include;

  • Companies’ registration form, which is s.18

  • Memorandum of understanding and articles of association

  • Additional required company forms

  • A1, which is a statement of nominal capital

(a) Details that must be filled in before filing company fo