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Advertising On Facebook In 2021

Every business person will always want to have a quick return on investment, and do you know how best you can achieve this! Embrace social media marketing. Facebook is one of the platforms commonly used in Uganda and across the globe with over 2 billion users; thus, it would be such a good deal to business people who want to get back the dollars fast.

To become a social media marketing champion and particularly on Facebook, you need first to understand a few aspects especially concerning how to open a Facebook business account, how Facebook works, how to manage your Facebook account, and how to advertise on the platform.

The platform has become one of the vital ways to help ladies and men connect with their potential clients. It needs one to have a creative mind, very innovative, and the consistency to advertise daily to catch the majority's attention.

To advertise on Facebook can be executed in different ways, for example, advertising using news feed, Facebook status, creating a company page, joining groups, and using Facebook ads. Using Facebook ads would be the most efficient way to use Facebook to target more users based on their location, thus allowing you to reach the exact audience.

Let us take a quick look at some of the Facebook ads that you can use while advertising your business on the platform;

Playable ads-This incorporates interactivity, for example, by having a game that allows the audience to interact with the new innovative content freely.

Image ads- here, images are the most important thing because they help you grow more likes, comments, and shares for your Facebook posts. Visuals usually attract more attention as compared to mere texts.

Stories augmented reality ads use features like filters and animations, Gifs to give people space to engage your brand fully.

Video ads- These become more effective, especially if you are using live videos or pre-recorded videos. These videos can run across news feeds, status/stories.

Stories ads- these give viewers a full-screen view without rotating the screen and have been proven to be more efficient according to a Facebook commissioned Ipsos survey, which showed that more than half of people said they were making more online purchases because of Stories ads.

Video poll ads- these ads can increase brand awareness more efficiently than regular Facebook video ads.

Messenger ads -Facebook Messenger ads; these majorly give access to the people who are messenger users currently monthly messenger users are about 1.3 billion people. While using messenger, Facebook ads can be pressed in the news feed and stories.

Carousel ads- these allow businessmen and ladies to upload close to ten images at once, which is very efficient when it comes to showing off the products or the services you offer, for example, the number of products or services you offer, the importance of the products or services offered thus making it easier for a customer to have it all at once.

Dynamic ads-these give you a chance to showcase your products to potential customers, for example, through their news feed, thus increasing their chances of purchase or making a sale.

Slideshow ads- these have the most effective of creating brief video ads. These short video ads could include photos, texts, and small video clips.

Lead ads- these help you to easily get into contact with people, for example, by subscribing to newsletters so that the information can always be sent automatically to your target audience. Also, it gives you room to fully be in touch with your clients directly since you have their email or contact information.

Instant Experience ads- formerly known as Canvas, they load 15 times faster than a mobile website outside of Facebook.

Collection ads- These are paid for and only offered to mobile devices with an allowance of showcasing 5 products a client can put into their cart to buy.

Tips on advertising on Facebook

1. Create a business page. This needs you to have a business page account, or if there is one in existence, you can start running your ads campaign, or if you are not professional enough to do it yourself, you can contact the person in charge to run the campaigns for you. More so, if you have a personal page without a business page and maybe you don’t want to have so many pages, then you can decide to turn it into a business page.

2. You must have an objective for your ads campaign, to start marketing on Facebook and more especially while using ads requires to have a set objective upon which you are set to achieve or to depend on your goal, these include; brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversations, catalog sales and store traffic. You can choose one or multiple objectives, depending on your budget. If you have enough resources to run many ads coherently with different objectives, then it’s great. However, if your budget is squeezed, then it would be better to run one ad at a time.

3. Discover who your ideal audiences are, well, discovering or knowing who your right audience needs first to understand the kind of products you are selling or services you are offering. For example, if you are offering services or selling more with young people, your target audience should be the youth. If they are kids’ products, target those who are parents because they are likely to get more attracted to them, and if you are target old, people find perfect ways of reaching out to their pages. You can discover your audience by using demographics, behavioral, geographical, and interests to find who your real people are.

4. Ad placements; this concerns where you want your ad to be, whether to appear in stories, newsfeed. To make it easier, you can have your Facebook account connected to Instagram, Twitter, messenger, LinkedIn, and all other your social media platforms so that you can do an automatic ad placement, with automatic ad placement once you update an ad in your Facebook stories it is equally sent to those other social media platforms, this saves time, and it's more efficient.

5. Choose a good and friendly ad format, this involves how you want your ad to appear before your audience, and it should be easily understood by your audience because remember the easier an ad looks like, the more attention it will attract; however, if an ad is complex then people might end up losing interest, know which ad is perfect for your campaign.

6. Plan your budget; planning and budgeting basically include knowing how much you are going or you wish to spend in your ad campaign whether to make a daily budget upon how much you will be spending days on the ads you will be running or whether to make a lifetime budget by spending once and for all for example like making an annual budget and pay off once however an annual budget is more recommended than a daily budget.

7. Make your ad perfect; beautiful and bright ads usually attract more attention. Facebook ads give you a high opportunity to combine different pictures/visuals to produce high-quality ads that can attract more attention. The best way to create engagement is by interesting videos and animations.

8. Re-advertise on the platform; re-advertising helps you turn prospects into customers by enhancing trustworthiness, such as advertising more and again about the same product. Even those who missed in the newsfeed or on stories can be able or given a chance to see it once more.

9. Target new people and new prospects; make a check-in among your audience to see how gives you the attention and who doesn’t. If the old audience is not giving you attention, but there are new prospects, dig into them and give them more time.

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