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10 Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Results

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Shelf all the bad stuff you have had about email marketing. Most of it is wrong. Email marketing is that kid in school that everyone wants to be, but they cant. So they, instead, start hating.

Email marketing is an efficient tool to increase sales and grow your business in all industries. Entrepreneurs use email marketing to nurture leads and subscribers into purchasing customers. Businessmen and women use email marketing to show their brands to clients, offer discounts and promotions to their supportive customers.

10 Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Results

You are here for the cheat codes into perfecting email marketing. So let's dive right in.

1. Divide your email lists according to buyer persona

Segmenting and dividing email lists involves categorizing your audience according to their specific needs and interests. The audience can be categorized into different groups; for instance, if you have an audience that shares mutual interests, you can put them in their group. Most people open and read emails that serve and speak to their preferences. Having your audience categorized differently helps to draft different email newsletter lists so that you can share with different target audiences depending on interests.

Having multiple email newsletter lists for the different target audiences helps boost the subscription rate from the business website visitors. In addition, it is noted that sales representatives and marketers who used segmented campaigns improved revenue for the business by about 760%.

2. Customize your emails to your prospective and potential customers

Giving an email a personalized connection shows the recipient that you took time and thought about them. This makes the reader gain some glimmer of interest.

Including the recipient in the email improves the reader's trust and motivates them to act, making nurturing easy.

Take-home tips for personalizing emails to recipients;

  • Add your first name

  • Send messages as an individual and not a company

  • Put up email gated landing pages to collect customer names and data

  • Customize your automated triggered emails.

Getting a chance to interact and exchange with a customer is an opportunity to showcase your product and speak to a potential buyer. In addition, adding your names in the email message gains your trust and confidence from a client. This could help you elongate your conversation with a client and finally convince them to make a sale.

3. Prepare your segments

When you write a well-prepared copy to your audience, the chances are high that you will have an email copy that converts. This, therefore, makes it relevant to segment your emails. Segmented emails fetch more clicks than non-segmented emails. To have segmented emails requires you to start by segmenting your email contact list.

The segmentation criterion is usually defined by the type of the business and email marketing campaign objectives.

Your email contact list can be categorized according to;

  • Demographics

  • Industry

  • Client interests

  • Source of lead

  • Contest participation

  • Sales funnel drop-off. These help you to segment your email contact lists accordingly.

Think through your customer's needs and wants and endeavor to include them in the email to motivate the reader to act on your message.

4. Be relevant in your email messages

Generic marketing is not directed to anyone, and hence it might not get you conversions. There are so many things to focus on when writing to your customers. However, you have to pick those most relevant to the products or the services you offer. The email message must also be relevant to the customer's needs.

The more relevant the message is to the customer's needs, the more the reader's attention is drawn closer, and they are likely to keep open your mails consistently. This encourages a higher conversion rate. Sending relevant emails improves open and clickthrough rates.

5. Run A/B test to track results and measure performance

Tracking results to determine the performance of an email marketing campaign is vital. To run an A/B test, you need to send your campaign to two segments in your email contact list. Then check the view rates, open rates and clickthroughs.

Tracking results depends on your key performance indicators. In this case, the key performance indicators could be sales conversion, click-through rate, open rate, view rate and delivery rate.

You can track performance results by;

  • Doing an A/B test your email copy on two or more contact segments

  • Measure the results of each email campaign to test performance

  • Use performance results to optimize and grow your conversion rate

6. Ensure that your email body targets skimmers

Currently, there is so much information out there to read. Now bearing that in mind, you have to simplify your content so that customers can easily read it. When you format your content for scanning, it becomes flexible for customers to read emails and give you sale conversions.

When writing an email body for skimmers, ensure that;

  • Your main points are bolded and bulleted

  • Sentences are brief

  • CTAs are clear and simple

7. Identify your goal, know it and stick to it.

Identifying a goal and having a single destination for each email is a good practice. Having a plan you want to achieve from each email aids you focus on your marketing copy. When planning, do it for a single goal. This helps keep your eyes focused on important actions you want your readers to take. In addition, this allows you to build your email copy.

8. Match your landing pages and email copy

To create a conducive and fantastic experience for your customers, matching your landing page and email marketing campaign is vital. A consistent and single visual image builds trust amongst customers, which keeps them around your page. This helps you increase sales conversion. Therefore, keep your landing page copy and email message copy the same.

Keynotes to help you match your email copy and landing page;

  • Improve sales conversions by aligning email campaign with the landing pages

  • Make cohesive and compelling visuals and text for your campaigns

  • Simplify the work of your prospective customers so that they can identify your ask.

9. Run opt-in campaigns to gain subscribers

You can craft an engaging opt-in email message and share it with all your old and new contacts. You can then request your old contacts to opt-in again and find a way to do away with those who no longer respond.

All you need for your growing business are engaging and active contacts that can help you boost your deliverability rate and improve the chances of having your emails shared with contacts outside your current contact database.

10. Make email mobile-friendly

One of the first things you do when you wake is to check your social media, including email. 40% of people check their emails on their phones. So if you're not doing this, you're missing out on clicks.

About Email Marketing With MonkeyPesa CRM

MonkeyPesa CRM is in the bracket of an all-in-one business automation tool. From sales marketing, automation or customer support. With the devotion to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for you.

The CRM aids businesses to get prospects, insights, converts more leads to become customers and manages with customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

MonkeyPesa possesses an email marketing service that helps you build an email list. You can use your email marketing service to manage your email list in one place. It will also allow you to create email campaigns and send them to your email list at once.

Furthermore, the software will enable you to create a lead magnet incentive. You can create several lead magnets like free books, free courses, free trials. This helps to draw more people to join your email listing. Thus, email marketing opens up room for meaningful conversations with meaningful people interested in your business.

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