• Ssemujju Lewis E

10 Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Results

Updated: Jan 17

Shelf all the bad stuff you have had about email marketing. Most of it is wrong. Email marketing is that kid in school that everyone wants to be, but they cant. So they, instead, start hating.

Email marketing is an efficient tool to increase sales and grow your business in all industries. Entrepreneurs use email marketing to nurture leads and subscribers into purchasing customers. Businessmen and women use email marketing to show their brands to clients, offer discounts and promotions to their supportive customers.

10 Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Results

You are here for the cheat codes into perfecting email marketing. So let's dive right in.

1. Divide your email lists according to buyer persona

Segmenting and dividing email lists involves categorizing your audience according to their specific needs and interests. The audience can be categorized into different groups; for instance, if you have an audience that shares mutual interests, you can put them in their group. Most people open and read emails that serve and speak to their preferences. Having your audience categorized differently helps to draft different email newsletter lists so that you can share with different target audiences depending on interests.

How To Develop A Buyer Persona

Having multiple email newsletter lists for the different target audiences helps boost the subscription rate from the business website visitors. In addition, it is noted that sales representatives and marketers who used segmented campaigns improved revenue for the business by about 760%.

2. Customize your emails to your prospective and potential customers

Giving an email a personalized connection shows the recipient that you took time and thought about them. This makes the reader gain some glimmer of interest.

Including the recipient in the email improves the reader's trust and motivates them to act, making nurturing easy.